Charge Your Nintendo Switch Without A Wall Plug With G-Case

Tired of looking for an electrical outlet to charge your Nintendo Switch every time you take it to your friend's house? A new Kickstarter campaign offers a solution to this problem in the form of the G-Case by Plenbo.

The G-Case is an all-in-one Switch case that provides everything you need to make gaming on the go more convenient. It comes with a 5000mAh modular battery that gives you five hours of extra battery life. When you're so deep into a game that your battery is nearly out of juice, you can use a backup battery to reload and play for as long as you want. The best part is that you can detach the battery pack and charge any device that has a USB-C port like your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, and even your GoPro camera.

The G-Case comes with two game card slots, one for each side of the case, that carry three Nintendo Switch games. Speaking of cases, the grips on the Joy-Cons come in three different sizes depending on how big your hands are. You can also detach the grips from the case and connect them together to turn them into one controller similar to Nintendo's official Joy-Con grip controller. This can be done in tabletop or TV mode.

Since Nintendo recently added the Bluetooth feature to the Switch, the G-Case has Bluetooth 5.0, an optional feature that allows you to connect your AirPods, Beats, or other wireless headsets to the Switch more seamlessly than you could without the G-Case. Latency was a problem when the Bluetooth feature was added in September, but the G-Case turns down the latency between console and headset by 400 milliseconds.

No matter what model of Switch you have, regular or OLED, the G-Case fits both of them, although its kickstand may work better on the former as opposed to the latter. As of this writing, the project has raised over $223,000 which is well past the $20,029 funding goal, so pretty soon you can kiss your Switch's battery life problems goodbye.

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