Check Out Your 2022 Xbox Wrapped With This Unofficial Round Up

Since Spotify Wrapped took off in 2016, it seems that every entertainment company has rolled out their own version of the yearly round-up. Hell, even Reddit will tell you how many hours you spent mindlessly scrolling over the past 12 months – you're never safe from the shame. However, Microsoft hasn't done one since 2018, making those of us who tend to stick with Xbox feel left out while Nintendo and PlayStation players share theirs throughout December.

But now, we can finally join in – albeit unofficially. Xbox website TrueAchievements has set up its own wrapped, letting you sign in with your Xbox account to find out what game consumed your life in 2022. The fancy graphic will even let you flex how many achievements you got – or call you out for spending hundreds of hours in a game without fully completing it.

Signing in with your account will show you your number one game of the year, as well as a figure for how many titles you picked up over the past 12 months, including those specifically played via Game Pass.

Of course, as with any yearly wrapped feature, there's a good chance you'll be left completely embarrassed. As you can see in mine, I put 155 hours into Cyberpunk 2077 this year, only to get just 50 percent of the achievements. What can I say? It's my favourite dress-up game.

Unlike other yearly reviews, you won't get a breakdown of the other games you played, but it will let you prove that you did, in fact, play video games this year. My dire Switch and PlayStation round-ups were making people doubt that I think.

Given recent news, however, our Xbox round-ups could look a lot different next year. A survey is making the rounds, suggesting that we could be getting a cheaper Xbox Game Pass tier, supported by ads. This may encourage more users to sign up, as it would be a more accessible option for many, especially with so many subscription services already asking for more than $10 a month. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it does look like Xbox is looking to change how it approaches its game distribution.

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