Ciri Takes Up A Sword In Netflix’s The Witcher Season 2 Stills

Season 2 of Netflix’s The Witcher adaptation has been heating up on the development front, with casting reveals and new character rumors making the hype hotter than Geralt’s bathwater. The latest comes in the form of stills from the sequel, that showcases young Ciri grasping a wooden sword.

The official Twitter account of Netflix’s The Witcher posted new stills featuring the child of surprise – played by British actor Freya Allan – who has found her fighting spirit. Comparing Ciri’s soldier-in-training look to Jon Snow’s innocence from season 1 of Game of Thrones, fans were also encouraging Netflix to lean into Ciri’s power of Blink (teleportation) during this season. Another reveal was teased on the Twitter thread that promised the arrival of other character stills tomorrow.

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Fellow Witcher to Geralt of Rivia, Ciri met her future, adoptive father during a near-fatal battle with a giant centipede. The sole princess of Cintra was born a surprise child, after Geralt invoked the Law of Surprise (a reward given by a saved man that is usually his firstborn child) and discovered her years later. In addition to her swordsmanship, Ciri also possesses the power of Blink, which allows her to teleport between dimensions. In The Witcher novel series, Ciri is, at first, unaware of her ability, teleporting to a far away location by thought.

During season 1 of Netflix’s adaptation, Ciri remains an elusive character avoiding Nilfgaardian soldiers in the dense forest and leaning into her gift to locate Geralt. Her time to wield a sword and fulfill her destiny of becoming a Witcher is expected to progress in season 2, and these newly-released stills point to that inclination. Netflix has also brought on board new cast member Basil Eidenbenz to play Geralt’s fellow Witcher Eskel, and more stills featuring Yennefer are expected to follow.

The Witcher has now been commissioned for a third season – ahead of its season 2 premiere – which begs the question if it will be the show’s final season. Netflix has had a tendency of cancelling original series two or three seasons in, with very few surpassing this limit. The adaptation has received mixed reviews before – criticizing its ability to appeal to viewers who are unfamiliar with The Witcher lore – however Netflix appears to be confident in its own powers of foresight.

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