Clash Royale Is Getting PvE Content And Clan Wars 2

Clash Royale is inviting clans on a new adventure. In Clan Wars II, you and your friends will sail down a river to collect rewards for you and the entire clan. The ultimate prize is a chest at the end of the river. As your set sail, you’ll run into new game types, including Clash Royale’s first version of PvE, which pushes you to take down defenses on a boat. Clan Wars II does away with collection day, and you instead use your own cards for its modes Duels, Boat Battles, and more.

Although a new Clash Royale season is about to begin in two days, the Clan Wars II content won’t hit until August. Are you still playing Clash Royale? If so, are you excited for this new content? If you fell off of the game, are you intrigued to jump back in?

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