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LA Dunn spent years blogging about “mommylife” and “wifelife.” She celebrated the joys, ranted about the frustrations (fair!), and wrote about everything in between. That all changed in 2017 when Dunn, the founder of Black Girls Eat, started to experience pain throughout her body.

After taking tests and consulting with her doctor, she took a look at her diet and the ways in which certain foods cause inflammation (and the pain that comes along with it). Dunn started to learn about whole foods (aka, foods that have not been processed — not the grocery store, although we have an inkling she shops at Whole Foods too!), and began to adopt a plant-based diet.

“As I started bouncing around farmer’s markets, I realized that there were so many foods and food combinations that I never saw on my childhood dining room table in the Bronx,” she said on her site. “I realized that I couldn’t be the only one who didn’t know that Brussels sprouts started out on a stalk!  Or that there was even an ‘s’ at the end of brussel!”

And so she turned her blogging focus to food and launched Black Girls Eat, a business that helps women make plant-based, nutrient-dense meals. Dunn shares her own recipes, blog posts, podcast episodes, and a (free!) e-book, 15 Plant-Based Mistakes to Avoid. She also offers a virtual class that takes students from “plant-curious” to “plant-focused” in just five days.

Even though she may not write about “mommy and wife life” quite as often, her family still plays a big role in how she thinks about her business.

“My hubby is a good cook, and our daughter Taryn is a foodie,” she said on Black Girls Eat. “Both of them were happy to be on the food journey with me. Taryn will absolutely walk into a party and ask if there’s any hummus onsite.”

Now that’s impressive. So just how does this supermom make this all happen? The recipe for raising a happy, hummus-loving pre-teen calls for more than just chickpeas. Ahead, Dunn spills the tea on the parenting essentials that keep her and and her fam satisfied in between their plant-based meals.

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