Co-writer Dave Grossman Shows Off Return To Monkey Island Footage

We are now over halfway through 2022 and even closer to the release of Return to Monkey Island. While no official release date has been announced, the game is still expected before the year’s end. Now, some Twitter exchanges between the game’s makers are giving fans a sneak peek at what is in store when the game does release.

Dave Grossman, one of the developers behind Return to Monkey Island, took to Twitter to share a short nine-second clip from the game. The video is part of #MonkeyIslandMonday and shows off a blonde figure making their way quickly across a dock. Along with the video, Grossman tweeted that a “strange man [was] seen striding purposefully on Melee dock, ignoring the pelicans and bar as though he had somewhere to be, some devilish puzzle to solve…”.

The developer then tagged @grumpygamer, or Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert, asking if he had seen this. Gilbert was quick to respond to the tweet. He let Grossman, and his followers, know that he would be running the video through the “facial recognition neural network” to identify the strange man.

Of course, the strange man in question is in fact Monkey Island protagonist Guybrush Threepwood. Publisher Devolver Digital shared the video and confirmed that it was Threepwood making his way through the iconic Melee Island. They also noted that players will get the opportunity to trek through the docks as they head towards to the Scumm Bar where LeChuck seems to the up to something yet again.

Hopefully, this Twitter exchange is leading towards more news on when we can expect Return to Monkey Island to hit shelves. Or at least more gameplay videos.

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