Competition: Win Blaston For Oculus Quest

Resolution Games has just launched its 12th videogame in the form of a duelling multiplayer called Blaston for Oculus Quest. And it just so happens that VRFocus has been given a few codes for some of our lucky readers to win.

Blaston is a PvP shooter where two players try to whittle each others health bar by landing a few choice hits. The only problem, all the projectiles move in slow motion. This gives both of you a chance to dodge the shots and reply with your own volley.

Taking place on duelling platforms inside a futuristic arena, gameplay is all about being both light on your feet and tactile in how you return fire. A shotgun will fire tiny pellets in a widespread whilst others can drop in mortars or giant glowing orbs. Each weapon is single-use, so once the ammo is spent throw it away and choose another.

Winning battles means you can level up and earn credits which can be spent outside of the arena in the shop. New levels will unlock additional guns to buy so you can change up your tactics, as well as giving you access to character customisations.

In its review, VRFocus said: Blaston is another one of the great examples that can only be made in VR and a perfect fit for Oculus Quest. The fast and furious gameplay is instantaneous, grab a gun and shoot it, with the real enjoyment coming from dodging all over the place.

So onto the competition. Today VRFocus is giving away 5 codes kindly donated by Resolution Games for Blaston on Oculus Quest. There are multiple ways to enter the giveaway with the standard prize draw entry rules applying: Follow us (or already be following us) on Twitter or alternatively, visit our Facebook page or YouTube channel to get an entry for each. Winners will receive a code for Blaston drawn randomly. The competition will be open until 11.59 pm BST on Monday 12th October 2020. The draw will be made shortly thereafter.

As an added bonus Resolution Games has a couple of Blaston merch boxes available. Two code winners will receive one each (only applicable for those in US or Europe). Best of luck.

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