Controversial Fallout: The Frontier Mod To Be Remade "From The Ground Up"

After years of anticipation, 2021 saw the full release of the monstrously large “The Frontier” mod for Fallout: New Vegas. Adding three campaigns, new factions, numerous characters, and over 60 quests, The Frontier was a seven year undertaking and took dozens of modders to create.

However, some fans were unhappy with the results, or at least some aspects it. A common complaint related to the story’s tone, as it features numerous sexual references and Easter Eggs, infamously including a sex scene with a Deathclaw.

In response, the team has announced that the NCR portion of the story will be completely reworked. While the team hasn’t gone into specifics, they are recruiting writers, artists and developers for the project, so it appears that everything currently available could be scrapped and redone.

Announcing the rewrite, project lead Tgspy said in a blogpost, “We have some fantastic ideas in the works, and we hope that this new story will do better justice to the characters, and to the Frontier as a whole.” The Twitter account echoes this, saying “We heard the feedback, the critiques and the complaints. We are looking for solid community input to help make the NCR main quest the best it can be.”

The NCR route drew criticism from some fans for feeling too much like a Call of Duty game, and being too linear. Others felt it was tonally inconsistent and lore breaking, as the story took you into space. There was also concern around some of the characters, particularly a minor called Mae, who would make constant sexual references in conversation with the player and offer to sell them porn.

Outside of the NCR rework, the team has already started removing content that some complained was “fetishy”. For example, at launch players could enslave a young woman with a few lines of dialogue, as well as hear her talk about her feet. These instances, alongside the Deathclaw rendezvous, are no longer in the game.

The Frontier initially saw release in January 2021, with a Steam release said to be on the way. There is no confirmed release date for either the NCR rewrite or the Steam version, but as the latter was intended to be the final version of the game, it is likely still a long way off.

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