Coral Island: Beginner Tips

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  • Interacting With Items And Getting Around
  • Replenishing Your Tools
  • Consumables And Buffs, Explained
  • Make Use Of The Shipping Bin
  • Change It Up At The Salon
  • Upgrade Your House ASAP
  • General Tips And Tricks

Coral Island is a farming sim adventure taking place on the briny shores of a remote tropical isle. With evil corporation Pufferfish breathing down the collective collar of this once-bustling community, it's up to you to uncover mysteries, restore the farm, and make the Island great again.

With so many cutesy farming sims having been released lately, it can be tough to get to grips with the specific mechanics of each game. If you're struggling to make ends meet or find resources, here are some top tips to help you stay afloat in this vibrant village.

Coral Island is currently in early access, so this information is liable to change!

Interacting With Items And Getting Around

Coral Island works on a grid system, meaning that all the items and houses sit on their own respective tile. To interact with an item, such as to cut a tree down or mine a rock, click on the square that the item is sitting on – not the item itself.

This is because the fixed camera perspective means that clicking on the main body of something like a tree will actually cause you to interact with whatever is sitting on the tile behind where you are clicking, sapping your energy bar and getting nothing for all your hard work.

When you want to plant a crop, you would click the exact tile on your farm that you wish to plant a seed on. Nothing else can be planted here until you harvest that crop; think The Sims 4, but without Cowplants or WooHoo.

To interact with people or harvest things like flowers or shells, click the right mouse button. This can take some getting used to, but don't fret because you can always change it in your game settings if you'd prefer a good old-fashioned left click.

Your default walk speed is quite slow, so be sure to toggle your sprint by hitting the shift key. No need to hold it down – one tap should swap you between walking and running speeds.

Coral Island doesn't have controller support just yet, but this is something planned for a future update.

Replenishing Your Tools

Your watering can begins ready-filled, but you can refill it at any pond or body of water after equipping it. This is useful to know, as your first task requires you to plant ten seeds. Don't panic! There are two spots on your farm for you to refill your watering can and, later in the game, go fishing at.

Once you get far enough into the game to go diving, you'll unlock the ability to take your tools to the blacksmith to get upgraded. This requires you to collect a lot of seaweed, scrap, and metal ores, as you need to build a Furnace and Extractor first. Try mining in the Cavern for these raw materials.

Consumables And Buffs, Explained

Eating harvestable items – such as flowers, goods planted, and underwater clams – provides you with more stamina and health, but they also grant you various buffs depending upon the type.

For example, eating some flowers like dandelions and violets gives you a catching skill buff, meaning you'll build bug-catching skills faster with this buff activated.

Eating clams and oysters during your diving sessions gives you a diving buff, something very much necessary if you want to move faster and collect more items whilst down below the waves.

Buffs do expire after a period of time, however, so you'll want to keep an on which ones are active by navigating to the Inventory menu.

Make Use Of The Shipping Bin

Collected a bunch of flowers and trinkets whilst out and about? Or selling off some local produce as per Sam the store owner's quest? Use the shipping bin to offload some items from your inventory if you want to create more room!

If you find some cool unique artifacts during your diving expeditions, save these up to gift to people! There is a mission that requires you to gift five villagers, and these always come in handy when in a pinch.

You can also build some makeshift chests from the crafting menu that can be placed outside your house to store anything you don't need at the moment, such as outfits from the store, artifacts from your diving trips, and old tools you have no use for.

How To Build A Makeshift Chest In Coral Island

  • 25 Wood (from the Woodlands; chop any non-palm tree)
  • 10 Trash (from the beach, whilst diving underwater, or from near the recycling centre)

Change It Up At The Salon

If you're getting bored with your look already, pay a visit to the Salon and Store in the village town centre.

You can update your hair, eyes, eyebrows, and even your body type at the salon, and the store has plenty of sweet threads if you're not digging your basic farmer garb.

To change into new clothes, navigate to your inventory and drag your new items to your equipped clothing boxes. As well as clothes, you can equip cool backpacks and even a dragon tail and wings!

Don't forget to sell any unwanted clothes using the Shipping Bin since they can take up valuable space in your inventory.

Upgrade Your House ASAP

Your first mission on the island involves upgrading your house. This unlocks the TV, where you can check the weather report for the following day to see if you need to water your crops or let the rain do it for you.

To do this, you'll need to bring some Wood and Stone to the Carpenters. Their shop is located just to the right of your farmyard as you exit through the upper archway.

Once you upgrade the house, you'll be able to construct more items both inside and around your farm. Until then, the wood beams of your rotten old pad won't be able to hold much weight, so be sure to get this mission out of the way as soon as possible.

General Tips And Tricks

  • If you stay out past midnight, your character will pass out suddenly and be carted back to the farm by the medic. This doesn't cost very much, but it does cost some money. To avoid this, try to get back to bed well before the witching hour.
  • Keep an eye on the shop opening hours. Most of them open between nine and ten in the morning and will close by six in the evening, except for the Tavern. This is where you can catch up with most of your Coral Island friends after hours, so make use of it.
  • If you find any cool coffers whilst out on diving expeditions or ridding the shores of litter, take these to the blacksmith to turn them into useful items. You can also catch things whilst fishing that could come in useful, so always keep your fishing rod close at hand.
  • Keep track of your missions from the Quests tab, and right-click on two of them to track them via your in-game HUD. You can swap between these whenever you like, but always keep an eye on how far you have to trot to get to each mission since you won't unlock fast travel until later in the game.
  • There is a combat mechanic in Coral Island, too, where you will need to use a sword to defend yourself from health-sapping blobs during your mining adventures at the Cavern. Be sure to keep this equipped in your tool belt so you can quickly swap from tools to weapons easily.

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