Cozy Grove: How To Upgrade Your Tent And Shop

When you first arrive in Cozy Grove you have nothing to your name but a few badges and a talking campfire. Not even your bedroll is laying out. From seeing other players’ screenshots you’ll soon realize that you can upgrade your campsite and decorate it to perfection, applying themed furniture and housing plants and animals with it.

You can also purchase animals, plants, furniture, and more at a certain fox’s shop. Mr. Kit’s shop can be upgraded multiple times to provide for you a wider range of items. You’ll want to do this after you’ve settled down and realized how much work your camp truly needs. He’ll start selling more unique items that may help you harvest valuable crops or find the decor theme you need.

How To Upgrade Your Tent

To upgrade your tent and storage space you must speak with Flamey. Interact with him and click the dialogue option “Upgrade my tent”. From here he will let you know how much more storage space you will be getting from upgrading and how much it costs.

  • The first upgrade costs 5,000 old coins. The second one will cost 15,000.

Upgrading your tent physically changes its appearance to look more spacious and homely as well as giving you more storage space. You start out with only being able to store around four items, so you’re going to need that storage upgrade sooner rather than later.

How To Upgrade Your Shop

To upgrade Mr. Kit’s catalog you have to purchase a book or magazine within his inventory when you press the option to buy something. It should be in the first row in his catalog and it will list a few items that will be sold once you purchase the upgrade. When you purchase your catalog upgrade, you will not be able to access his shop for the rest of the day. He will state that he is busy restocking. Because of this, it’s best to purchase the upgrade when you’re done playing for the day.

  • The first upgrade will cost 10,000 old coins. The second costs 200,000.

Upgrading Mr. Kit’s shop will allow him to sell leveled-up ingredients, plants, and decorations instead of the beginner items you’ve grown used to. After you’ve established your camp for a couple of days, you will need more plants and unique decor for plant and animal preferences to continue growing and accommodating the spirits.

How To Get Enough Money To Afford The Upgrades

There are different tricks to getting lots of money fast. You definitely won’t have enough by just logging on and appreciating the scenery. When you’re done with all your spirit bear quests for the day, it’s important to start collecting, harvesting, and selling so that you have enough money to buy what you need now or for the next day.

Selling raw food you dig up and find on the ground won’t get you a lot of money. The road to success lies within Flamey. Burn most of the things you have to get good value out of them. Burning raw food materials like mushrooms and fruit will make them sell for more. You can also burn fish, craft cheap furniture with the charred fishbones, and sell that furniture for good money.

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