CS:GO Wipes Skill Groups In Huge Matchmaking Shakeup

CS:GO has drastically shaken up its matchmaking system, erasing everyone's skill group. You'll have to win one more game to get a new placement and you'll likely find that placement is either much higher or much lower than previously. Some players report jumping from Silver Elite to Master Guardian 1, while others have shot up to the top with Global Elite.

"Competitive Skill Groups are undergoing some recalibration," Valve wrote on its blog post (thanks, GamesRadar). "Typically when we ship changes to CS:GO's matchmaking system, the adjustments are small enough that we don't include them in our release notes. However, today's update affects all CS:GO players so it requires some explanation."

The update went live yesterday so players are still finding their footing, but one look online and you'll find a whole host of people sharing just how much their rank has changed thanks to the new system. Although, it's unclear why players are ranking so much higher and lower.

Some report that they went down in the ranks despite winning games while getting the most kills on their team, causing mass confusion. Many are now scrambling to figure out the new parameters. Others report that they went up seven ranks after getting surrendered losses, so it's unclear what's impacting previous ranks.

But it's not all messy confusion – for some, it's a heartwarming moment. "Tears," user Laquan_Bigvain wrote. "I've been stuck in Silver for six years. 3,000 plus hours later. I cried when I saw this." They attached a photo of their new rank, Gold Nova Master.

But others have been thrown back to Silver, with some reporting being placed as low as Silver 1. Chances are if you get stuck in now, you'll find an eclectic bunch of players from all different ranks shoved together into an awkward mishmash of a game, with you somewhere in the middle. Get a rank and you might even end up at the top, or at least a bit closer, eh?

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