Dark Pictures Anthology’s Next Game Will Be Set In Space

With the imminent release of The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me, all eyes are now on Supermassive's next game and the start of the second season. The titles for pretty much all of Season 2 were leaked way back in August, but a newly leaked trailer has revealed that the next game in the series – Directive 8020 – will take players to outer space.

First reported by Eurogamer (via IGN), the trailer was uploaded by a YouTuber called Slimpy and is most likely an after-credits sequence meant to get those who finish The Devil In Me nice and pumped for the next game. The trailer is pretty barebones in terms of information, but we see a camera slowly pan through a seemingly abandoned space station, as a Commander Stafford relays an update to an unknown person from a "forward reconnaissance vessel" called the Cassiopeia.

We then travel further through a slowly opening door to see an astronaut's helmet float by with specs of blood following closely behind – whether or not the helmet is empty can't be seen. The transmission then cuts to someone called Thomas Carter, who hurriedly speaks of a woman named Simms who is trying to kill him, as strange noises are heard in the background. We then cut back to Commander Stafford as the trailer goes black and the title screen appears.

It's certainly a departure from the rest of Supermassive's previous titles, as it had previously resisted the allure of the sci-fi horror game bandwagon that a lot of developers have jumped on over the past year. We don't know what the game is about, but the trailer does suggest it might be inspired by movies like Alien or The Thing. A fan on Reddit also pointed out that Directive 2080 is the name of a real-life NASA document regarding "biological contamination control for outbound and inbound planetary spacecraft." Sounds spooky.

As for the other games coming as part of Season 2, we only have logos to go off at the moment. The other titles include Intercession, O' Death, The Craven Man, Winterfold, and Switchback, the latter we now know is an exclusive title for the PS VR2 that will play very similarly to Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

The Intercession logo's font looks quite archaic and the upside down crucifix for the 'T' implies there might be some heavy religous themes there, while the O' Death logo only has a playing card with a mysterious figure on the front to speculate over, so that one is probably the most mysterious of the bunch.

The Craven Man logo's font is also heavily stylised, and the tall scarecrow-like figure that makes up the 'A' in man suggests the game might have something to do with Paganism or witches, while Winterfold's logo appears to be a street sign with bloody hands prints on it. Again, we can't glean much from that either, but it personally gives me Misery vibes. We'll unfortunately have to wait years until we find out what these game are actually about, but at least its fun to guess while we wait.

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