David Arquette "Would Love" A Quarry-Like Scream Game

Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology continues in spirit this weekend with The Quarry, roping in slasher alumni David Arquette to play another doofus cop. But he doesn't want to stop there, he wants to bring the whole of Scream with him into gaming.

"I think they could pull it off really easily in a wonderful way," Arquette told ComicBook.com. "Even just re-shooting some stuff. It's literally like, if you scan some people in there, you can do different versions of different movies, and you could do all kinds of stuff. It would be a wonderful experience. I would love that! Ghostface is already in that world (gaming), so it's not that hard."

Scream is a murder mystery centred around a group of teenagers at high school, trying to sus out which of their flock is cutting them down one by one. It ends with Sidney, Gale, Dewey, and Randy triumphant, overcoming both Ghostface killers, but a scorned mother takes up the mantle, then the hidden third killer, Sidney's family, and some rabid fans. There have been plenty of Ghostfaces and plenty of mysteries, to say the least, but none so far in gaming.

Yet Arquette would love to see something like The Quarry for Scream, a choice-based horror narrative that lets the player dictate how the story unfolds and who survives. Maybe this time around, we can save Tatum from the garage door, or we could even lose a few of the original survivors in the chaos like Gale and Randy. The story could be very different if it's up to us to save characters.

Or a new Scream story could be told with all-new characters, taking that idea of Ghostface and meta slasher and putting it on a new group, not unlike the MTV series. But developer Supermassive Games hasn't tackled licensed horror before. Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures, and now The Quarry are all original works. But maybe one day we'll see them try an established modern classic.

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