Dead Space: 10 Things Only Players Of The Original Game Noticed

The long-awaited Dead Space remake showcased plenty of welcome upgrades to the popular 2008 original. Some of these changes, like the level of detail in Isaac's suit, or the weathered textures of the USG Ishimura, can be easily appreciated by those who might be embarking on their first-ever perilous trek though the spaceship.

Some of these changes, however, aren't so obvious, especially for those unfamiliar with the original game. For players of the original, there are more than a few changes that alter the game in some pretty significant ways. Here are some of the most notable.

10 Peeling Away

The Peeling System is probably one of the gnarlier changes when it comes to the combat in Dead Space, since the game relies so heavily on gore to up the horror element. As Isaac does damage to the Necromorphs, skin, bone, and flesh are ripped away, making it a much more visceral and bloody experience.

You can watch the gruesome monsters disintegrate under fire of you Plasma Cutter and do exactly what the bloody writing on the wall said: "CUT OFF THEIR LIMBS."

9 He Can Talk

He doesn't do it much, but this time around Isaac actually acknowledges when he is spoken to, as opposed to his apparent ambivalence in the original. The little speaking that he does adds to the gravity of the story. As the game progresses Isaac sounds increasingly exhausted and desperate, adding an extra layer of emotional intensity.

While there is something to be said for the 'Silent Protagonist' that works so well in some situations, the drama of the game is heightened by having Isaac actually interact with other characters and express himself during tense moments.

8 Circuit Breakers: Tension Makers

First-time players might be surprised to learn that this anxiety-inducing mechanic was not a factor in the original game. It's a small but effective way of injecting tension into scenes by forcing you to make tough choices about power routing. In order to complete an objective, you may need to sacrifice elements like lighting in favor of others, like automatic doors or elevators.

This mechanic adds an extra puzzle element to some of the missions, forcing you to make decisions that alter the gameplay and, at times, raise the stakes.

7 Remade and Remapped

The old Ishimura has gotten a much-needed facelift. In the 2008 game, the different parts of the Ishimura were more compartmentalized, meaning load screens and less flow between sections of the ship.

Now, you are free to move through the different sections of the ship, once unlocked, and backtrack to explore previously locked portions as they obtain higher security clearances. The new layout allows for more corridors and pathways to be available, some even requiring you to navigate Isaac in zero gravity.

6 Zero G: A Better Blast

Remember the slog of the asteroid-blasting scenes in the first game, where Isaac was confined to a gunner seat as he fired on asteroids hurling towards the ship? These scenes gets a major re-vamp as players now get to take part in the action from the exterior of the ship, moving between cannons and through space.

The new free-floating Zero G navigation also makes some later exploration and boss fights more exhilarating, dizzying, and challenging. It adds a more immersive quality to the game and keeps you on your toes (or off of them).

5 Finally, A Flat Map

A very welcome change to the UI of the game is the formatting of the map. The hard-to-read 3D map of the original has been replaced with a much more practical 2D layout. The intention of the 3D format was to show the player where they were in relation to different levels of the ship and important points, like storage rooms and objectives. The multiple levels being displayed at once, however, made the map difficult to decipher at times.

The 2D layout makes for a quicker read and means the re-structured ship is much easier to navigate.

4 Fleshed-Out Story

Some scenes from the original have been completely scrapped, while new ones make for a more impactful narrative arc. Weaker segments have been nixed, making the whole things feel a little more solid as a story. The tweaks also make for a more explosive final chapter.

Those who remember the 2008 game will also notice that the theme and overarching conflict of religious fanaticism, the Unitologists, is introduced earlier in this iteration. New and updated text logs and audio files fill in the story much more clearly right from the jump.

3 Holograms: The AR Experience

In the 2008 game, you could piece together the story with the help of text, video, and audio logs. While the text and audio logs are still a part of the gameplay, albeit some of them changed for smoother storytelling, the video logs have been augmented with life-sized holograms.

These pre-recorded holograms play out in the environment, allowing for a more immersive, AR experience. Watching the characters move around in the scene makes the narrative much more engaging, and helps to balance out the other storytelling mediums.

2 Intensity Director: Directing The Tension

You might notice that you are keeping your guard up a little more than before, and that's by design. The Intensity Director is a new addition to the game and does exactly what it sounds like; it keeps things tense.

This feature raises the fear factor of the game by inserting random, unscripted events into the gameplay. As players move about the ship, dimming lights, noises in the vents, or a sudden Necromorph spawn could be around any corner.

An interesting element of the Intensity Director, however, is that it also monitors how often a player encounters these random events in order to avoid overwhelming or exhausting them.

1 New Game Plus, New Necromorphs

These nasty necros show up in New Game Plus, as a step up from the Necromorphs that Isaac fights the first time around. Phantom Necromorphs appear darker with ominous red eyes, and they both give and take more damage than even the enhanced versions of the Slasher, Lurker, and Leaper types. They are a new addition to the remake, and they make for a freshly horrifying second round.

The new Necromorph variants, along with some extra perks and a secret ending, make the New-New Game Plus well worth the jump scares.

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