Deathverse: Let It Die – Season 1 Guide

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Deathverse: Let It Die, the surprise follow-up to Suda51's 2016 game Let It Die, has joined the seemingly ever-expanding crowd of free-to-play battle royale games with battle passes. Load it up and you'll find a jovial melee-focused affair in which players compete to win the reality show "Death Jamboree".

Deathverse's Season 1 runs from September 28, 2022, to January 11, 2023. Each season comes with a Jamboree Pass, which promises cosmetics inspired by a certain theme (from one of the in-universe corporations), among other materials and items for crafting and customisation. Season 1's theme is retro-futurism. Read on for more details and all the individual items available.

Jamboree Pass System Details And Cost

Deathverse: Let It Die's Jamboree Pass is fairly simple – you level up the pass with Season XP (SXP), and there's only one set of items to unlock up to Lv. 200. Free players can unlock certain items up to Lv. 100, but most (and everything past 100) require purchasing the pass with Death Metal – meaning you should get out your wallet. The Jamboree Pass comes in three tiers:

  • Silver Tier: 950 Death Metal ($9.99) – allows unlocking items past Lv. 100.
  • Gold Tier: 2,800 Death Metal ($24.99) – unlocks past Lv. 100, Season Lv. +25, ten percent bonus to all SXP.
  • Platinum Tier: 3,800 Death Metal ($39.99 for 5,000 Death Metal) – same as Gold, plus a 20 percent bonus to all SXP, daily login reward of an additional Season Lv., and the ability to host matches.
  • Additionally, repeat purchases of a pass across seasons come with included Season Lvs. (+3 for Silver, +5 for Gold, +10 for Platinum).

What Do You Get In The Jamboree Pass?

The Season One pass includes a mixture of skins for your character, Wilson (your robot buddy/shield), and other equipment; materials and Kill Coins for crafting and the item shop, plus decorations for your character's living space. There are also prize boxes (containing coins + materials) and other currency rewards like Material Tickets (exchanged for materials) and Death Metal.

Season One Jamboree Pass Rewards (* = free)

2Bubble Beast – Outfit + 50,000 Kill Coins*
3Two Common Material Tickets
4Prize Box
5Dispenser δ – Wilson Skin + Wooden Tiles – Floor Decoration*
6Two Uncommon Material Tickets
720,000 Kill Coins
8Two Common Material Tickets
9100 Death Metal
10Beastly Smile – Shield Skin + 10 Common Material Tickets*
11Shiny Silver Floor Decoration
1220,000 Kill Coins
13Two Uncommon Material Tickets
14Prize Box
15Random Stripes – Wall Decoration + 10 Common Material Tickets*
16Two Common Material Tickets
17100 Death Metal
18Beastly Rug – Warp Board Skin
19Two Uncommon Material Tickets
20Skid Marks – Face Paint + 100 Death Metal*
21Mars – Shield Skin
22Prize Box
23Two Common Material Tickets
24Two Uncommon Material Tickets
25100 Death Metal + Ten Common Material Tickets*
26Prize Box
2720,000 Kill Coins
28Rare Material Ticket
29Ice Metal – Wall Decoration
30Jeweled Shell Armour – Outfit (Evolvable) + Ten Uncommon Material Tickets*
31Prize Box
32Two Uncommon Material Tickets
33Pharoah's Gold – Floor Decoration
34100 Death Metal
35Short & Parted Hair Style + Ten Common Material Tickets*
36Weapon Skin Ticket
3720,000 Kill Coins
38Two Uncommon Material Tickets
39Bodybuilder Emote
40Two Common Material Tickets + Ten Common Material Tickets*
41Stella – Shield Skin
42100 Death Metal
43Neo New York – Poster Decoration
4420,000 Kill Coins
45Jeweled Shell – Wilson Skin (Evolvable) + Ten Uncommon Material Tickets*
46Toe Kick Step Emote
47Two Uncommon Material Tickets
48Prize Box
49100 Death Metal
50Mrs. Mars – Outfit (Evolvable) + Four Prize Boxes
51Thousand Eyes – Wall Decoration
52Two Common Material Tickets
53Big Prize Box
54Two Uncommon Material Tickets
55Diagram – Face Paint + 50,000 Kill Coins*
5620,000 Kill Coins
5720,000 Kill Coins
58Two Common Material Tickets
59100 Death Metal
60Marsium – Wilson Skin (Evolvable) + Ten Uncommon Material Tickets*
61Prize Box
62Skyscraper By Night – Warp Board Skin
63Two Uncommon Material Tickets
6420,000 Kill Coins
65Two Common Material Tickets + Rare Material Ticket*
66Rindo – Shield Skin
67100 Death Metal
68Two Uncommon Material Tickets
6920,000 Kill Coins
70Cyber Shell Armour – Outfit (Evolvable) + 100 Death Metal*
71Two Common Material Tickets
72Rare Material Ticket
73Two Uncommon Material Tickets
74100 Death Metal
75Justice Capture – Face Paint + Rare Material Ticket*
7620,000 Kill Coins
77Prize Box
78Two Uncommon Material Tickets
7920,000 Kill Coins
80Cyber Shell – Wilson Skin (Evolvable) + Rare Material Ticket*
81Two Common Material Tickets
8220,000 Kill Coins
83Prize Box
84100 Death Metal
85Two Uncommon Material Tickets + 50,000 Kill Coins*
86Two Common Material Tickets
8720,000 Kill Coins
88Pastel Stripes – Floor Decoration
89Mrs. Mars: Shine – Outfit (Evolvable)
90Prize Box + Big Prize Box*
91Two Common Material Tickets
92100 Death Metal
9320,000 Kill Coins
94Two Uncommon Material Tickets
95Shiny Soap Board – Warp Board Skin + 100 Death Metal*
96Iron Automaton – Poster Decoration
97Rare Material Ticket
98Two Common Material Tickets
99100 Death Metal
100Dark Bubble Beast – Outfit + Salute Emote*
10120,000 Kill Coins
102Two Uncommon Material Tickets
103Prize Box
104Two Common Material Tickets
105Mega Prize Box
10620,000 Kill Coins
107Two Uncommon Material Tickets
108Prize Box
109Two Common Material Tickets
110Marsium Shine – Wilson Skin (Evolvable)
111Prize Box
112Two Uncommon Material Tickets
113Crane Pose Emote
11420,000 Kill Coins
115Girly Space – Wall Decoration
116Two Common Material Tickets
117Prize Box
11820,000 Kill Coins
119Two Common Material Tickets
120Dispenser Ω – Wilson Skin
12120,000 Kill Coins
122Two Uncommon Material Tickets
123Prize Box
12420,000 Kill Coins
125Rare Material Ticket
126Two Common Material Tickets
127Prize Box
128The Protagonist – Warp Board Skin
12920,000 Kill Coins
130Hero Shell Armour – Outfit (Evolvable)
13120,000 Kill Coins
132Two Uncommon Material Tickets
133Purple Haze – Face Paint
13420,000 Kill Coins
135TV Studio – Floor Decoration
136Two Common Material Tickets
137Big Prize Box
138Prize Box
13920,000 Kill Coins
140Hero Shell – Wilson Skin (Evolvable)
14120,000 Kill Coins
142Two Uncommon Material Tickets
14320,000 Kill Coins
144Two Common Material Tickets
145Edible Soap Yummy – Poster Decoration
146Prize Box
14720,000 Kill Coins
148Figure-8 Dance Emote
14920,000 Kill Coins
150Mrs. Mars: Dear – Outfit (Evolvable)
15120,000 Kill Coins
152Two Uncommon Material Tickets
153Prize Box
15420,000 Kill Coins
155Mega Prize Box
15620,000 Kill Coins
157Rare Material Ticket
158Prize Box
159Two Common Material Tickets
160Marsium Dia – Wilson Skin (Evolvable)
161Prize Box
162Two Uncommon Material Tickets
16320,000 Kill Coins
16420,000 Kill Coins
165Crossboard – Face Paint
166Prize Box
16720,000 Kill Coins
168Two Uncommon Material Tickets
16920,000 Kill Coins
170Turing Shell Armour – Outfit (Evolvable)
171Prize Box
17220,000 Kill Coins
173Two Uncommon Material Tickets
17420,000 Kill Coins
175Shiny Soap – Shield Skin
17620,000 Kill Coins
177Rare Material Ticket
178Prize Box
17920,000 Kill Coins
180Turing Shell – Wilson Skin (Evolvable)
18120,000 Kill Coins
182Two Uncommon Material Tickets
183Big Prize Box
184Prize Box
185Retro Lines – Wall Decoration
18620,000 Kill Coins
187Two Common Material Tickets
18820,000 Kill Coins
18920,000 Kill Coins
190Mrs. Mars: Villain – Outfit (Evolvable)
19120,000 Kill Coins
19220,000 Kill Coins
193Retro Rocket – Warp Board Skin
19420,000 Kill Coins
195Marsium Villain – Wilson Skin (Evolvable)
19620,000 Kill Coins
19720,000 Kill Coins
198Two Uncommon Material Tickets
19920,000 Kill Coins
200Gold Leaf (Exchanged for special weapon skins)

Season One Jamboree Pass Missions

A good way to level up the Jamboree Pass quicker is by completing challenges. Deathverse has daily, weekly, and seasonal challenges available. Most of them are pretty simple to complete – challenges include using certain weapons, levelling up, or killing NPCs.

ChallengeSXP Reward
Play The Game Ten Times1,800
Win A Game Three Times2,200
Kill A Foe Ten Times2,000
Earn 30,000 GP2,500
Deal 30,0000 Damage To A Player2,500
Deal 7,500 Damage To Opponents With Deathblows)2,500
Deactivate An Opponent's Wilson 15 Times2,500
Execute A Final Judgment Five Times2,500
Kill 20 Chupacabras2,700
Kill 20 Jackalopes2,700
Kill A Tsuchinoko3,300
Kill 15 Skyfish2,500
Obtain The Killing Brand Two Times2,750
Score Your First Kill2,200
Prevent 10,000 Damage With Your Shield2,000
Eat 30 Mushrooms2,250
Achieve Good! Or Above 100 Times1,800
Achieve Great! Or Above 80 Times1,800
Achieve Brilliant! Or Above 30 Times2,500
Achieve Excellent! Or Above 25 Times2,750
Achieve Amazing! Or Above 15 Times2,750
Use Your Main Skill Five Times1,800
Obtain Skill Power From Power Pods Five Times1,800
Use A Sub-skill Ten Times2,250
Reach The Showdown Zone Five Times2,000
Acquire 100 Materials Of Common Rarity In A Match2,250
Acquire 10 Materials Of Uncommon Rarity In A Match2,250
Raise Your Machete's Weapon Lv. To 20 Or Above5,350
Raise Your Katana's Weapon Lv. To 20 Or Above5,350
Raise Your Hammer's Weapon Lv. To 20 Or Above5,350
Raise Your Arm's Weapon Lv. To 20 Or Above5,350
Raise Your Buzzsaw's Weapon Lv. To 20 Or Above5,350
Raise Your Machete's Weapon Lv. Ten Times2,500
Raise Your Katana's Weapon Lv. Ten Times2,500
Raise Your Hammer's Weapon Lv. Ten Times2,500
Raise Your Arm's Weapon Lv. Ten Times2,500
Raise Your Buzzsaw's Weapon Lv. Ten Times2,500

Material Types And How To Evolve Battle Pass Skins

All of the materials you get can be used to craft new weapons and skins. Each type of material has three different tiers – Uncommon, Common, and Rare. Common and uncommon materials can be earned during matches. If you have an abundance of common materials, then you can use those to craft the uncommon variant, but rare materials can't be crafted and must be unlocked through the battle pass or item shop.

The different types of crafting materials in Deathverse are (in Common, Uncommon, Rare variant order):

  • Rare Metal, Rare Metal: Black, Rare Metal: Red – common/uncommon can be found near shocking floors.
  • Mineral Oil, Chemical Oil, Bio Oil – common/uncommon can be dropped by cryptid NPCs.
  • Illuminium, Garminium, Dorminium – common/uncommon can be found in decaying boxes.
  • Im Fiber, Hm Fiber, Uhm Fiber – common/uncommon can be dropped by cryptid NPCs.
  • Blicarbonae, Dricarbonate, Golicarbonate – common/uncommon can be dropped by cryptid NPCs.
  • Light Alloy Wire, Heavy Alloy Wire, Superalloy Wire – common/uncommon can be found near decaying objects.

Certain skins from either the Jamboree Pass or the item shop can be evolved, which simply means upgrading their appearance (typically becoming more complex). Both your outfits and skins for Wilson can be evolved, but you'll need Kill Coins and materials to do so.

To evolve a skin, just head to the Craft menu and select the skin you want. Not every skin can be evolved, but the ones that can are marked as such on the battle pass or item shop menu.

Other Limited Time Rewards

Until November 2, Deathverse: Let It Die is running a "Release Day Commemorative Login Bonus" campaign, where logging in day-to-day will grant rewards for free. The rewards include Kill Coins and various crafting materials.

Here are the login rewards on offer:

1100 Rare Metal
210,000 Kill Coins
3Two Uhm Fiber+ 50 Dricarbonate
410,000 Kill Coins + 100 Illuminium
5Two Superalloy Wire + 100 Im Fiber
610,000 Kill Coins + 50 Chemical Oil
715,000 Kill Coins + Two Golicarbonate

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