Demon's Souls PS5 Remake Gameplay Debuts, PC Version Not Happening After All

At Sony’s PS5 Showcase, we got a long look at the anticipated Demon’s Souls remake from developer Bluepoint Studios. The new trailer showed off a great deal of gameplay from the starting area, including a boss fight that ends like many of yours will when the game launches: death. According to the PlayStation Blog, it’ll be a launch title for PS5 when the system releases in November. It will also cost $70, as will be the case with a few PS5 games.

The trailer for the Demon’s Souls remake originally stated the game would be available on PC too. However, this video was taken down shortly after it was published, sparking speculation that the mention of a PC version could have been an error, or revealed earlier than intended. Sony has since confirmed to Kotaku that the listing was incorrect and Demon’s Souls will only be coming to PS5.

The Demon’s Souls remake was first revealed at a PS5 event in June, and it was nearly unrecognizable due to the total graphical overhaul. The trailer shows how this upgrade translates to gameplay, and so far, the results are incredibly promising. There are no UI elements to speak of (likely toggled off for the demo), but the additional fidelity, smoothness, and expanded art direction really give Demon’s Souls a next-generation feel.

The remake is said to include a few enhancements, including a “Fractured Mode” and the ability to choose graphical settings that prioritize fidelity or frame rate.

The original PS3 release of Demon’s Souls was named GameSpot’s Game of the Year in 2009. Check our GameSpot’s preorder guide for the new PS5 version to secure a day one copy.

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