Destiny 2: How To Earn The Discerptor Title

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Destiny 2's Duality dungeon is the most feature-rich dungeon we've received yet. This dungeon has farmable rewards, two craftable weapons, a unique Exotic, and even a title. The Discerptor title is comparable to most raid titles, requiring you to clear the Duality dungeon enough times to demonstrate complete mastery.

If you're looking for a difficult title to chase but can't find time to raid, Discerptor was made for you. So long as you're willing to join a clan and complete a Master run, you can earn this title. Here is a complete guide to completing all 11 of Discerptor's Triumphs.

Duality Badge

Duality Badge: Earn all items that drop in the Duality dungeon.

The Duality dungeon has 14 unique items that can drop from encounters. You must obtain this dungeon's Exotic weapon, Heartshadow, to earn the Discerptor title. Unlike other title-related badges, you can somewhat affect the drop rate of Heartshadow by completing certain Triumphs.

You'll need the following items to complete this badge:

Name Item Type Source
The Deepest Truth Emblem Complete the "Duality" dungeon
Mandate of Strength Ship Clear "Duality" on Master difficulty
Name Item Type Source
New Purpose Pulse Rifle Third Encounter
Lingering Dread Grenade Launcher First & Third Encounter
Unforgiven SMG Second & Third Encounter
Stormchaser Linear Fusion Rifle Second & Third Encounter
The EpicureanFusion RifleFirst & Third Encounter
Fixed OddsMachine GunFinal Encounter
HeartshadowSwordFinal Encounter (Exotic Drop)
NameItem TypeSource
Deep Explorer HelmHelmetFirst & Final Encounter
Deep Explorer ArmsArmsAll Encounters
Deep Explorer ChestChestSecond & Third Encounter
Deep Explorer BootsBootsFirst & Third Encounter
Deep Explorer Class ItemClass ItemSecond & Third Encounter

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Thoughtstealer: Complete the "Duality" dungeon.

There's not much to explain here. If you haven't cleared the Duality dungeon yet, check out our Duality dungeon guide for an in-depth breakdown of each encounter and loadout recommendations. We recommend using a Solar subclass if this is your first Duality run. The healing provided by Solar is invaluable for most of the encounters.

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Solo Thoughtstealer

Solo Thoughtstealer: Complete all encounters in the "Duality" dungeon solo.

This Triumph must be completed in a single run to count. If you leave at any point, you won't make progress towards this Triumph. Before you even attempt this challenge, be sure you have a few hours to spare and a good loadout in your inventory.

Out of all dungeons in Destiny 2, Duality is arguably the toughest to solo. You'll be swarmed by adds the entire time and need to dish out some impressive DPS to kill both dungeon bosses. Here's what we recommend:

  • Spec for 100 Resilience: Higher tiers of Resilience grant a considerable amount of damage resistance, up to 40% at 100 Resilience. This is equivalent to having Well of Tenacity active at all times.
  • Avoid explosive weapons: You can accidentally ring a bell by dealing AoE damage, causing you to die at a moment's notice. Bungie made bells less susceptible to explosives partway through the season, but don't take any chances.
  • Lock your fireteam: A small tip, but ensure that your fireteam is set to "Invite Only" or "Closed." If someone accidentally joins your fireteam, you need to restart.
  • Subclass Recommendations
    • Hunter: Nightstalker provides the best survivability out of all Hunter subclasses (not accounting for Classy Restoration). Shadowshot is also a great Super for dealing with adds or bosses.
    • Titan: Sunbreaker is downright invincible if you have 100 Resilience and use Loreley Splendor.
    • Warlock: Dawnblade can deal great DPS if you use Witherhoard, Starfire Protocol, and Fusion Grenades. You can also use Voidwalker for the second encounter.

    Regardless of what you use, be patient and keep trying. You don't need to solo flawless this dungeon, so die as many times as necessary. Take breaks, experiment with your loadout, and take full advantage of Artifact mods.

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    Master Thoughtstealer

    Master Thoughtstealer: Complete the "Duality" dungeon on Master difficulty.

    The Duality dungeon doesn't have any new mechanics on Master difficulty, yet it is significantly harder due to added modifiers and enemy shields. Here are the notable changes:

    • Master Duality is +30 Power over the season's Pinnacle cap.
    • All Bellkeepers have Void shields.
    • Barrier and Unstoppable Champions are present.
      • First Encounter: Unstoppable Champions
      • Second Encounter: Barrier Champions
      • Final Encounter: Barrier Champions
    • Match Game is active.
    • There are no revive tokens, stricter timers, or any additional mechanics added; it's strictly harder in terms of combat. The good news is that you can bring a fireteam with you. You'll want to treat this similar to a Master or GM Nightfall. Discuss what each player is bringing, covering as many shield and Champion types as possible. If that sounds intimidating, you can just bring Arbalest and your favorite Unstoppable weapon.

      If you aren't used to endgame content in Destiny 2 and need some suggestions, here's what we recommend:

      • Weapons
        • Bring Arbalest, Lament, Gjallarhorn, a good Legendary Rocket Launcher, and a Linear Fusion Rifle.
        • For Primaries, bring something that deals Void damage. Swap your weapons as needed.
      • Subclasses
        • Hunter: Nightstalker is your best choice. Use your invisibility to get safe finishers on Champions (this spawns Heavy ammo with Aeon Swift).
        • Titan: In a team, you can either use Sunbreaker to tank or Sentinel to provide Weapons of Light and overshields.
        • Warlock: Shadebinder is excellent for crowd control. For DPS, use Dawnblade with Starfire Protocol, Witherhoard, and the Touch of Flame Aspect.
        • Exotics
          • ​​​​​​​Hunter: Aeon Swift with Sect of Force. This spawns Heavy ammo for your fireteam whenever you finish a Champion.
          • Titan: Loreley Splendor for Sunbreaker (makes you much tankier). For Sentinel, use whatever you like.
          • Warlock: Osmiomancy Gloves for Shadebinder (infinite Coldsnap Grenades). For Dawnblade, use Starfire Protocol (infinite Fusion Grenades).
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            Mind Heist

            Mind Heist: Steal Calus's repressed memories.

            Repressed memories are collectibles you can find throughout the Duality dungeon. There are 12 memories in total. Memories can be found at any time across multiple runs. Every location can be found below, but if you'd prefer a video, we recommend watching Esoterickk's guide on where to find each repressed memory.

            For a written guide, here's a quick overview of where to find each collectible:

            1. Intro: After using the first bell, climb up the room until you reach a series of horizontal support pillars that lead to the roof. Hop onto the platforms on the left-hand side of the room, the same spot that spawns Psions. One of the doors will be open. The memory is inside.
            2. Intro: The same spot as the first memory, but you must be in the Nightmare Realm. Ring the bell at the top of the room, then backtrack to the first memory.
            3. Intro: You'll reach a section where you must descend a series of platforms and shoot a bell directly across from you. Once you enter the Nightmare Realm, travel to where you shot the bell. You'll see a small platform you can hop onto. Jump on it, then turn around to find the memory.
            4. Intro: Just before you drop down to start the first encounter, climb to the very top of the room. You'll find the memory a few meters behind a Gahlran statue.
            5. First Encounter: Found in the War Beast symbol room (Material Realm).
            6. Platforming Section: After pulling the second lever, head to the other side of the room. Instead of going right, climb up the tombs on your left. A passage will be visible above one of them, revealing the memory.
            7. Platforming Section: When you reach the brightly-lit corridor, jump straight down and turn around.
            8. Statue Puzzle: From the entrance, shoot the bell. Run to the left-most pillar on a raised platform (your ten o'clock position). It's behind the pillar.
            9. Second Encounter: Climb up the tombs located in the Axes corner of the room (Material Realm).
            10. After Second Encounter: The room after the second encounter will have a cube covered in a white tarp. It's dead-center of the room. Run under the cube to find the memory.
            11. After Second Encounter: Near the end of the platforming section, you'll shoot a bell that reveals a series of horizontal pillars. Instead of going straight, head right. Jump across the pillars to an isolated set of stairs.
            12. After Second Encounter: Just before you face Caiatl, you'll be on a sloped walkway that leads to her arena. Instead of dropping down to face her, use the platforms nearby to climb above the entrance. This will lead to a small passage in the wall, hiding the memory.

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            Assassin's Lament

            Assassin's Lament: Earn the Exotic Sword Heartshadow.

            Heartshadow is an Exotic Sword that drops at the end of the Duality dungeon. It seems to behave like a raid Exotic, having a base 10% drop chance. Unlike raid Exotics, you can increase your Heartshadow drop chance by completing the following Triumphs:

            • Solo Thoughtstealer
            • Master Thoughtstealer
            • Mind Heist

            Heartshadow has one chance of dropping per character every week; it is not farmable (source).

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            United In Secrecy

            United in Secrecy: Complete all encounters in the "Duality" dungeon with a full fireteam of clanmates.

            Strangely, this title requires that you complete a run of Duality with clanmates, something typically tied to raid titles. You can join a clan through or the Destiny companion app. There's a dedicated clan section you can use to find and join clans. Once joined, get two clanmates together and clear all Duality encounters.

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            Arc Fireteam Completion

            Arc Fireteam Completion: Complete all encounters in the "Duality" dungeon with a full fireteam of Arc subclasses.

            You can complete this Triumph solo or with two players. All active members must use the correct subclass element for each encounter. Encounters are tracked across all runs.

            Arc is one of the toughest subclasses to beat Duality with since it hasn't gotten a 3.0 conversion yet. Once it does, this should become much easier to complete. Until then, here's what we recommend:

            • Hunter: Top Tree Arcstrider has a good melee ability that heals you. You can use Arc Staff to stunlock Gahlran and other tough foes, giving your team a chance to damage the enemy.
            • Titan: Middle Tree Striker has a fantastic Super and a solid melee ability. Use Cuirass of the Falling Star to maximize your Thundercrash damage.
            • Warlock: All trees are worth using. Top Tree is best for killing adds, while Bottom Tree's Landfall passive makes Stormtrance hit quite hard when you cast it. Middle Tree has good ability uptime.

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            Solar Fireteam Completion

            Solar Fireteam Completion: Complete all encounters in the "Duality" dungeon with a full fireteam of Solar subclasses.

            You can complete this Triumph solo or with two players. All active members must use the correct subclass element for each encounter. Encounters are tracked across all runs.

            Solar is arguably the easiest element to beat Duality with. Ample access to healing and damage buffs should make this dungeon a breeze for most classes.

            • Hunter: Assassin's Cowl is great for keeping you alive during hectic gunfights. If you need more DPS, consider Star-Eater Scales with Blade Barrage.
            • Titan: Loreley Splendor makes you virtually unkillable. If you need damage, a Throwing Hammer build that utilizes Synthoceps will dish out some great damage.
            • Warlock: Starfire Protocol with Touch of Flame deals excellent DPS. Use Witherhoard to get infinite grenades during a boss fight.

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            Void Fireteam Completion

            Void Fireteam Completion: Complete all encounters in the "Duality" dungeon with a full fireteam of Void subclasses.

            You can complete this Triumph solo or with two players. All active members must use the correct subclass element for each encounter. Encounters are tracked across all runs.

            Void is a fairly powerful element after its 3.0 conversion. Spec heavily into Devour or invisibility, and you should have no problem clearing these encounters. We recommend getting a fireteam for this challenge, seeing as Void doesn't have any good DPS Supers.

            • Hunter: Nightstalker has quite a few ways of going invisible. Trapper's Ambush and Vanishing Step are recommended. Also, consider using Echo of Obscurity to go invisible on finishers.
            • Titan: Sentinels can use Bastion and Offensive Bulwark to create Void Overshields at will. Use Ward of Dawn if you're playing with a group, as this gives everyone Weapons of Light.
            • Warlock: Voidwalker can use Feed the Void and Child of the Old Gods to have constant ability and Devour uptime, making most of these encounters far easier.

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            United In Class

            United in Class: Complete all encounters in the "Duality" dungeon with a full fireteam of the same class.

            If you are struggling with survivability, have everyone play Sunbreaker Titans with Loreley Splendor. This will give you a ton of healing whenever you create a Barricade. Paired with 100 Resilience, it'll be extremely hard to die. For more DPS, everyone can either run Dawnblade Warlock with Starfire Protocol or Gunslinger Hunter with Blade Barrage. Use whatever you have access to or prefer.

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