Destiny 2 Is Giving Away Double Rewards In Nightfalls This Week

Ooh boy, the loot taps have been turned on this week in Destiny 2! Since there’s really nothing else going on and Bungie needed to pad out the current season due to Beyond Light’s two-month delay, they’ve decided to institute something that Guardians have been requesting for months now: double rewards on Nightfall: the Ordeal.

This week and this week only will net you double the rewarded materials, exotics, and anything else you’d normally get from completing the weekly Nightfall. This is the best way of getting masterwork materials for weapons and armor, so farming the Nightfall is a great way to stock up on materials that you might have spent over the course of the season.

And it’s an easy Nightfall to farm, too. Lake of Shadows is the shortest strike in the game with an end-boss that’s not damage-gated in any way, making him easy to take down quickly. Skilled players can even perform the Lake of Shadows Nightfall on Grandmaster difficulty in as little as 10 minutes, which basically guarantees each member of the fireteam at least two Ascendant Shards per run.

But even amateurs will find lots to love about the double rewards this week. Performing on the slightly easier Master difficulty still virtually guarantees at least one Ascendant Shard per run and also the chance at many Enhancement Prisms and even a few Exotic drops.

Destiny YouTuber Ehroar has a pretty good guide on how to complete the Lake of Shadows Nightfall on Grandmaster difficulty, but you can easily take the same tactics into lower difficulties if you find Grandmaster to be too much of a slog. Master difficulty still gives you plenty of rewards, and even farming on Legendary or Heroic is hardly a waste of your time.

In general, we recommend having either a Titan with Bubble or Warlock with Well along with a team of swords in order to quickly burst down the final boss. Divinity and Izanagi’s Burden are great Exotics to help deal with the Nightfall’s many Champion mobs, but you can get by with an Overload bow and a decent Legendary sniper rifle during Lake of Shadow’s many long-range sections.

You’ve got until next Tuesday at 1 PM to farm this strike as much as you can, so get to it!

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