Destiny 2 Players Find Game-Breaking SBMM Exploit To Find Easier Matches In Control

Destiny 2 players have found an easy PvP exploit in the game less than a week into the new season. With this, people are now able to match against easier opponents and basically guarantee a win for themselves almost every time.

Bungie had announced that it was introducing a ‘Loose SBMM’ with Season of Plunder. This implementation was only being done for the Control game mode in PvP to test the waters. Clearly, it hasn’t gone according to plan.

Earlier, Control used ‘Connection-Based Matchmaking’ or CBMM, which matched teams with players that have connection strengths similar to their own. The loose SBMM doesn’t take away the basic principle of CBMM completely, but puts skill as the primary criteria for matchmaking. Bungie also detailed how exactly it defines the word ‘skill’ in Destiny 2, but it seems things have gone sideways. Naturally, the community called this out and stated how this could ruin the overall PvP experience for new players.

The exploit itself is pretty simple. All you have to do is join the fireteam of a player that has a seasonal K/D of one or less. Once you do so, all the person has to do is start looking for matches and almost always you will match against opponents that have a skill level similar to your fireteam leader. Bungie had mentioned earlier that it was looking to prioritize matching a full team against full teams only instead of putting solo players in. However, it seems that all these teams need to do is make their lowest-skilled player the leader and they guarantee a win.

There hasn’t been a single game that has had a perfect SBMM system, mainly because it is different for every game. Consequently, it is too early to call Bungie’s implementation of the same a failure because other than this one exploit, there is a lot more to the system than what meets the eye.

When it comes to problems, this season has already seen its fair share of "game breaking exploits" in the form of heavy grenade launchers and the brand new exotic Auto Rifle. Tough times.

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