Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris rewards this week and map news, following Iron Banner reveal

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris starts June 26 across all platforms, and the development team has confirmed it won’t be the only big event coming to the game. Season of Arrivals will host its first Iron Banner at the end of June, meaning Lord Saladin’s return to The Tower. The good news is that Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner will not crossover, meaning you can enjoy both without having to cut your time. Iron Banner will kick off as soon as Trials of Osiris ends on Tuesday, June 30, during the normal Weekly Reset.

This means that the Destiny 2 Iron Banner start time is scheduled for 6pm GMT, on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Commenting on the first Iron Banner event of Season 11, Bungie told fans this week: “There is a time for harmony among players and a time for honourable battle as well.

“The venerable Lord Saladin will see to it himself. Next week, he’ll return to the Tower for the first Iron Banner of Season of Arrivals.

“Bonus Valor will also enabled throughout the week. The event will work similar to last Season with a few new rewards. We will be adding two reprised weapons and curating the weapon reward pool down to eight weapons.

“The Forward Path and The Fool’s Remedy will also be updated to have two additional perks specific to these Iron Banner weapons.

“The armor set this Season will be a reprise of the Iron Fellowship set. Here is a look at it with the new shader as well as the new emblem for this Season.

“We also want to remind players that skill-based matchmaking has been disabled in Iron Banner this Season.


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“Speak with Saladin after the reset and then get out there and prove your worth to the Iron Lords of the past.”

Until Iron Banner kicks off, Guardians can enjoy the challenges of the Trials of Osiris this week.

The Destiny 2 event will be launching on June 26, and will be one of the major PvP events for Season 11 during June.

Bungie won’t reveal the list of the new rewards on social media, so it will be up to gamers to provide what weapons and armour can be earned over the coming days.

Meanwhile, Trials of Osiris map news will be confirmed as soon as everything goes live on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The development team will be releasing the 3v3 Crucible playlist at around 6pm GMT on June 26, and returning players will want to visit Saint-14 soon after, who will be located in the Tower Hangar.

The Osiris reset offers a new inventory of Trials Passages, Bounties, and the option to turn in Trials Tokens.

A different map and a fresh set of rewards will be available to Guardians today if they meet the requirements of the 960 Power rating needed to buy Passages.

As ever, Trials fans will earn exclusive rewards by defeating other teams of three, while hoping to gain entry to the Lighthouse.

It should be noted that Mods now drop through a white item bauble instead of an erroneously assigned Exotic Engram bauble, and duplicate mods will no longer drop from the Flawless chest.

Additional Masterwork material rewards now drop at three, five, and seven Trials wins, and Trials Tokens distribution has been re-balanced to focus on wins three, five, and seven of a Trials Passage.

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