Devolver Digital Will Reveal Details For Their Next Direct Showcase Very Soon

Devolver Digital, the publisher that first tweeted about E3 being cancelled before the announcement was official, is gearing up for its annual Devolver Direct showcase. The event, which was promised in May and then was more recently suggested to be arriving in mid-July, will seemingly be dated–and possibly detailed–very soon.

In a tweet on the official Devolver Digital account, the publisher has promised “Devolver Direct news tomorrow,” and that it will be good news. This means that we’re likely to see a date for the event made official on July 1.

Devolver Directs (also known as the Big Fancy Press Conference) are generally a mix of new game announcements, new details on previously announced or released titles, and the ongoing saga of chief synergy officer Nina Struthers, who always finds herself in some degree of violent, horrifying mischief. In 2019, Devolver Bootleg surprise-launched during the presentation.

Current Devolver games we’re aware of in development include Disc Room, Carrion, Fall Guys, and Serious Sam 4. It’s likely they we will learn more about one or all of these titles soon.

Keep an eye on GameSpot for new details on Devolver Direct 2020 when they become available to us.

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