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Chelsea Handler isn’t joking when she says she doesn’t want kids, and it’s time to stop asking her (and anyone else!) if they have changed their minds.

The 47-year-old comedian has been vocal in the past about her choice to be child-free. In an appearance on The View this week, she said she still gets asked if she’s “sure” about this decision.

“I’m sure,” she said.

Hopefully for the last time.

As her co-hosts talked about older celebrities who have had kids, Whoopi Goldberg jumped in to say, “Chelsea Handler doesn’t want any kids, and why are you making it your business? Ask her how she is. Ask her how her dogs are. Don’t ask her if she wants kids. The answer is NO.”

Handler talks candidly about this decision in her new Netflix special, Revolution, saying it’s important to know if you don’t have the skills to raise a baby. For instance, Handler has said that patience “isn’t her strong suit”—a pretty key part of parenting. But it’s ok to embrace your shortcomings, she said.

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