Dinkum: 7 Relatable Things Every Player Does

Dinkum is the newest wholesome title to hit the gaming community. In this game you can fish, mine, farm, and take care of animals while building your very own small community. You can play solo or go on adventures with your friends. Because of its wholesomeness, this game is very enjoyable, and you could spend hours just exploring the terrain and taking in the sights.

While everyone has their very own unique playing style, there are some things that we’ve all done while trying out games like this with a lot of opportunities, and tonnes of things to explore. Here are some relatable things that every Dinkum player does.

7 Set Themselves On Fire, Purely By Accident

When you start the game, you cook food by using a campfire. Like any real campfire, standing too close to it will catch you on fire, yet it's hard to cook anything unless you’re standing close enough to it. Sometimes this results in setting yourself on fire by accident.

You’ll burn for a few seconds losing a good amount of health. While the animation is very well done, you’ll have to be careful that your health isn’t already low. Make sure you’re near a water source, so that you don’t accidentally burn yourself to death.

6 Catch Bugs All Day To Make Quick Cash

Bugs are a quick and easy way to make cash when you first start out your game. There are lots of flies, butterflies, and even dragonflies that spawn throughout the day while the spiders come out at night. Some of these bugs are worth quite a few Dinks and selling them can fill your wallet fast.

Catching bugs will fill up your inventory because they do not stack, but it’s easy if you just need to make a few Dinks. It will also be helpful when trying to fill out the museum with new creatures.

5 Exhaust Themselves

It is very easy to forget that you only have a certain amount of stamina. Luckily, this game will show you that you’re starting to become exhausted. The world around your character will turn gray, and you will move slower and look more sluggish. Everything requires stamina from catching bugs to mining and swimming.

Keeping your character’s tummy full of food will help you get less exhausted, and it will help your character gain stamina back, but you have to make sure to pay attention to that bar.

4 Spend All Day With The Metal Detector

Once you finish building John’s shop, he will sell a metal detector. This will help you find all kinds of parts to help you fix up the radio towers as well as finding old keys and other materials. If you’re lucky, you might find a barrel or plastic bin filled with materials. It will also help you find more shiny disks which you can sell to Franklyn for lots of money.

There is a permit that you can obtain that gives you a chance to see when something is buried in the ground, but the metal detector is more fun.

3 Forget That Sleep Is Important

Sometimes it can be easy to forget that your character requires sleep. Exploring the island and the mines can make you lose track of time if you are on a roll gathering materials. Unfortunately, once it reaches midnight you only have so much energy left to use. You can still do things with little energy such as smelting and cooking food since those activities do not require energy to do. If it becomes late while you’re away from home, it can be difficult to get back.

If you do not yet have a boat, you’ll have to swim across any water you come across. Swimming requires energy, so make sure you’re close to home before it gets late. You will have to sleep through the night to get your energy back so that you can do more things the next day.

2 Trying To Fight Animals Too Early On

Animals like sharks, crocodiles, and bush devils will actively try to harm you if you wander too close to them. Fighting these animals too early on will not end well, especially if you are new and doing it on your own.

It would be best to try to study the animals and their behaviors before trying to fight them. Waiting until you have better weapons will also help you because when you get the hunting license, you’ll start out with a basic spear, hammer, and wooden bat which aren’t effective, but can do the job when used properly.

1 Row To The Edge Of The Map

Have you ever wondered what’s at the end of the map? Spoiler alert, it’s nothing. You can row all day and into the night, there’s nothing out there. Once you reach the edge of the map, you start traveling off the map and into the gray area, and it just keeps going.

You can keep rowing into the night since it doesn’t require any energy to move your boat. However, your time is better spent exploring the land that is already generated instead of rowing for an endless amount of time.

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