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Every character can feel overpowered in DNF Duel, but some are clearly a cut above the rest in terms of what they have at their disposal regarding their Special Moves and Mana Skills. One such character is Swift Master, who is currently regarded as one of the game's best overall characters by a wide margin, and it's for a good reason.

Not only can Swift Master pull and push his opponents around without breaking a sweat, but his ability to turn wind into shields, towering tornadoes, and more make it remarkably challenging to get in on him. And this doesn't even include his Awakening Effect, which grants him super speed, making it even more difficult to pin him down. Long story short, Swift Master has many robust options at his disposal, and when used to their full potential, he is nearly unstoppable.

If you want to look over Swift Master's Command List before diving into the guide, you can find everything you're looking for here!

Swift Master Overview

If it wasn't clear by now, Swift Master is a uniquely strong character in DNF Duel, which exclusively features 'broken' characters. He is a Technical Rushdown fighter that thrives on being hyper-aggressive and can punish his opponent from just about anywhere on the stage, thanks to his unbelievable kit. One trait specific to Swift Master is that he can use all of his Mana Skills while airborne, whereas others will generally only have one aerial Mana Skill (maybe two in some cases). This makes him a tremendous threat from any position, which is incredibly frustrating and challenging to deal with if you're on the receiving end.

However, because he is a Technical Rushdown fighter, it can be difficult to pick him up if you have no experience with 'Negative Edge' characters or ones that rely heavily on summoning and maintaining abilities. Furthermore, Swift Master has one of the lowest health pools in the game, meaning that if an opponent does happen to close in on you and pull off a combo, you will likely be left in a critical condition. However, do not let this hold you back from giving him a whirl. He's extraordinarily fun to play once you get the hang of his unique systems and mechanics.

On the condition that you are unfamiliar with terms such as 'Negative Edge,' mentioned earlier, now's an excellent opportunity to take a look at the table below that contains the basic terminologies and notations found in DNF Duel. Here, you will find essential input names, how they're displayed, and more. If you are new to fighting games, or this particular genre, we highly recommend checking it out before moving any further!

DNF Duel Notations

Command NameCommand Display
Standard AA
Standard BB
Mana SkillMS
Awakening SkillAS
Negative Edge Skill]S[
Down Back1/⭩
Down Forward3/⭨
Up Back7/⭦
Up Forward9/⭧
Jump (j.)

Jump refers to any of the three "up" commands.

Negative EdgeAn attack that has you hold down a button press and release after a certain number of frames.
Hold OKInput can be held for additional effects.
Air OKInput can be performed in mid-air, allowing you to execute the action while airborne.
OTGRefers to Off/On The Ground, signifying that the action can continue the combo even after your opponent hits the ground.

Swift Master Special Moves

Special Moves in DNF Duel are essentially your typical fighting game Special Attack but are instead used as your standard 'Heavy' attack, giving each character the ability to carry out devastating attacks without worrying about resource management (at least for the most part). These attacks often start your attack string or combo and will lead to your more resource-hungry actions known as Mana Skills. While not nearly as potent as your Mana Skills, your Special Moves are an essential part of your gameplan and setups, and we will showcase why below!

Wind Blaster

Swift Master releases a large blast of air in front of himself with tremendous force, launching his target on impact, allowing him to follow up with other Special Moves and some Mana Skills. 'Wind Blaster' is your 5S command and can also be performed when in mid-air. Furthermore, Swift Master can also jump-cancel this action, allowing him to chain it into overheads or other abilities.

Wind Upper

'Wind Upper' has Swift Master create a strong wind current in the palm of his hand and perform a devastating uppercut that launches his opponent. After performing Wind Upper, Swift Master will recover in mid-air. Thanks to his unique ability to use every Mana Skill when airborne, you can cancel Wind Upper into any of his Mana Skills to launch into combos or set up attack chains or loops. Wind Upper is Swift Master's 2S action and is also a relatively decent anti-air.

Typically, Wind Upper is used as a looping attack when paired with 'Wind Orb' and 'Sonic Move.' If your opponent is trapped in your Wind Orb, you can use Sonic Move followed by a series of Wind Uppers to deal significant damage without using much of your MP. It's also relatively simple to set up once you get the hang of using Sonic Move (which will be covered later in this guide).

Sweeping Wind

'Sweeping Wind' is Swift Master's 6S command and has him launch two tornadoes halfway across the stage, allowing him to control the space in front of him and create pressure. Furthermore, Sweeping Wind can be used as an anti-projectile tool as it can block incoming projectiles that are less potent than it.

Another crucial aspect of Sweeping Wind is that the tornadoes will launch and keep your target airborne, allowing you to follow up with uncontested attacks. This action is excellent for extending combos or simply keeping pressure applied and is one of Swift Master's best tools as a result.

Head Wind

'Head Wind' is one of Swift Master's most substantial moves and is performed by inputting the 4S command. This Special Move has Swift Master channel the wind into a vortex that pulls his target towards him, regardless of whether they're blocking. The speed at which the vortex sucks in the opponent depends on the distance between you and your opponent. The further away they are from you, the slower the pull-in will be.

The vortex covers the length of the stage but does not have a hitstun, meaning an opponent that's mid-attack will continue carrying out their move, potentially allowing them to hit you or force you into a blockstring. Furthermore, if your target is airborne, they will be pulled in much faster than when they're grounded. Swift Master can also launch into any of his normals the moment Head Wind ends, allowing him to continue his pressure.

Storm Strike

'Storm Strike' is the oddball of the group and is Swift Master's Negative Edge Special Move, displayed as ]S[ which we understand can be a bit confusing. Essentially, in order to perform Storm Strike, you will have to press and hold down the 'S' input and release it after 100 Frames. This will have Swift Master carry out a more potent and devastating version of his Wind Blaster action. While a tricky and challenging thing to get down at first, you will be able to use Storm Strike with ease once you get the timing down. It can, and likely will, take a while to get the hang of, but the effort is more than worth it.

As mentioned earlier, Storm Strike is more or less a supercharged version of Wind Blaster, offering many enhancements you should take advantage of once you get a handle on it. Storm Strike will cause your target to wall bounce and enter a hard knockdown state on hit, almost covers the entire stage length, and can even block less potent projectiles. Overall, Storm Strike is one of Swift Master's best combo tools and helps start and extend them. Thanks to its wall bouncing and hard knockdown properties, you can follow up with just about any Mana Skill or use it to extend ongoing combos.

Swift Master MP Special Moves

Mana Skills are what give each character a breath of fresh air and make them feel unique and powerful in their own ways. These Special Moves are taken a step above what was already covered and are substantially more powerful. To execute Mana Skills, you will need to spend some of your MP, which is there to keep things in check. Managing your Mana is a crucial part of DNF Duel, as you can use more than what you currently have allotted and get yourself in trouble by entering a state of 'Exhaustion,' where you cannot use your Mana Skills for an extended period. This risk and reward of knowing when and where to weave in your Mana Skills is what makes each encounter feel memorable, rewarding, and fresh.

When it comes to Swift Master, he has some of the best Mana Skills in the game and can perform every single one when airborne, which is something no other character can do. This unique ability sets him in a tier of his own and makes every Mana Skill essential to learn and figure out.

Relentless Biting Wind

'Relentless Biting Wind' is Swift Master's 5MS command. It has him summon a tornado directly in front of himself that launches his opponent high in the air, allowing him to follow up with other Special Attacks or Mana Skills. Furthermore, this action can hit OTG, making it an excellent combo extender. Relentless Biting Wind can also block most projectiles.

Casting Relentless Biting Wind will cost 50 MP and deals 130 damage. Furthermore, this action is plus on block by four frames, making it an excellent choice to keep pressure applied or your opponent in a blockstring. Relentless Biting Wind is also executable when Swift Master is airborne.

Eye of the Storm

'Eye of the Storm' is Swift Master's invincible reversal, making it his best anti-air option. He creates a vortex around himself that draws nearby enemies in and finishes the attack off with a powerful strike. This action costs 70 MP and deals 120 damage on contact. However, be wary of the poor recovery time, as you will be negative 25 frames on block, making this move extremely punishable on whiff. Please don't spam this Mana Skill on wake up, or it will likely get baited, leading to your demise. This action can also be performed when in mid-air.

The vast majority of Mana Skills can be performed in two ways: Simple or Motion Input. Eye of the Storm is one of these Skills and can be executed by either the 2MS or 623MS (⭢⭣⭨MS) command. Using the Motion Input will have your Mana regenerate slightly faster.

Wind Orb

Swift Master places a 'Wind Orb' in the air in front of himself that slowly pulls his target towards it, enabling Swift Master to extend combos and air juggles. Wind Orb will also work on enemies currently in a hitstun, making it an excellent tool for keeping attack strings going. The Orb will remain in the air for roughly five seconds, costs 50 MP, and can also be cast when in air. Since Wind Orb has no damage or attack properties of its own, it is neither plus nor negative on block, allowing Swift Master to do whatever he pleases after he uses it.

The vast majority of Mana Skills can be performed in two ways: Simple or Motion Input. Wind Orb is one of these Skills and can be executed by either the 6MS or 236MS (⭣⭨⭢MS) command. Using the Motion Input will have your Mana regenerate slightly faster.

Storm Quaker

'Storm Quaker' is only executable whenever a Wind Orb is placed as it has Swift Master turn the Orb into a small tornado and remains for roughly three seconds. Storm Quaker will hit your opponent several times and can deal a total of 70 damage if all connect. If your target is caught within Storm Quaker's wrath, Swift Master can freely follow up with several uncontested strikes of his own. The last hit from the tornado will spit the opponent out into the direction of Swift Master, allowing him to continue his combo or pressure.

Executing Storm Quaker costs 50 MP and is used primarily to extend combos or pressure. This Mana Skill is also plus 73 on block, making it an excellent way to keep pressure on your opponent at all times. And, like all Swift Master's Mana Skills, Storm Quaker can also be used when airborne.

The vast majority of Mana Skills can be performed in two ways: Simple or Motion Input. Storm Quaker is one of these Skills and can be executed by either the 6MS or 236MS (⭣⭨⭢MS) command. Using the Motion Input will have your Mana regenerate slightly faster.

Remember: This move can only be executed whenever a Wind Orb is on the field, which is why it shares its input.

Wind Twist

Swift Master summons four tiny tornadoes that rotate around him for some time. These tornadoes are treated like projectiles, meaning they will damage anyone who makes contact with them for 30 damage per twister. Additionally, 'Wind Twist' can absorb most projectiles in the game, with the exception of Dragon Knight's 'Knuckle Blaster' and Ranger's 'Scud Genocide.' If a tornado makes contact with an opponent or a projectile, it will disappear.

Like the others, Wind Twist is Air OK and costs 70 MP to use. Furthermore, after casting Wind Twist, Swift Master can move around the stage freely, allowing him to use his twisters as a temporary shield of sorts. This version of Wind Twist isn't ideal for combo setups or extensions, but it's one of the best defensive options at Swift Master's disposal.

The vast majority of Mana Skills can be performed in two ways: Simple or Motion Input. Wind Twist is one of these Skills and can be executed by either the 4MS or 214MS (⭣⭩⭠MS) command. Using the Motion Input will have your Mana regenerate slightly faster.

Vortex Hurricane

'Vortex Hurricane' can only be used whenever one or more twisters from Wind Twist is still active as it has Swift Master turn the remaining Wind Twists into towering, highly active tornadoes. Vortex Hurricane is a multi-hitting and high-damaging attack that launches the opponent on contact and places them in a hard knockdown state, making it an excellent choice to end combo strings or extend combos.

To use Vortex Hurricane, you will need to spend 50 MP. This action can also hit OTG and is typically used as a follow-up to Storm Strike when in the corner. While Vortex Hurricane is plus on block by 13 frames, the casting animation is a tad long, making it whiff punishable despite the frame data. And, you guessed it, Vortex Hurricane is also Air OK.

The vast majority of Mana Skills can be performed in two ways: Simple or Motion Input. Vortex Hurricane is one of these Skills and can be executed by either the 4MS or 214MS (⭣⭩⭠MS) command. Using the Motion Input will have your Mana regenerate slightly faster.

Remember: This move can only be executed whenever a Wind Twist is on the field, which is why it shares its input.

Sonic Move

Another of Swift Master's unique Skills is his 'Sonic Move' Mana Skill, which allows him to airdash in any direction when jumping near one of his Wind Orbs. To perform this action, you will have to do the following:

  • Jump near your Wind Orb
  • Hold the preferred direction of your dash down
  • Press the Guard input

For example, it should be like this if you want to dash downward: j.2G

Dashing through your opponent will deal 60 damage, and Sonic Move has no MP cost. This is an excellent ability to use for creating attack loops with Wind Blaster or Wind Upper, as you can quickly reset your position and keep repeating each attack. Additionally, this gives Swift Master the ability to cross his opponent up in mid-air, a rare and powerful tool in DNF Duel.

Swift Master Awakening Skill And Effect

And before we close things up, we cannot overlook one of DNF Duel's most crucial mechanics: Awakening State. Entering an Awakened State requires your health to be dropped down to at least 30 percent remaining, which will grant you an Awakening Skill and Effect, which will help you get the upper hand in combat. This is the only comeback mechanic in the game, so knowing how to maximize its potential can give you a significant advantage whenever your back is against the wall.

The Awakening Skill is essentially a Super Move from other fighting games. Swift Master's (Stormy Eliminator) covers a wide range horizontally, making it relatively easy to weave into combos or air juggles. If landed successfully, it will seamlessly transition him and his target high into the clouds, where one of the best animations in the game takes place. This has Swift Master dashing through his opponent, landing several strikes at a rapid pace, before winding up the kill shot and punching his opponent back to the ground, clearing the clouds in the process. It's a phenomenal cutscene from start to finish.

In the case of the Awakening Effect, it's more of a passive buff that typically focuses on your strengths to help give you that extra push to succeed. Unsurprisingly, Swift Master's Awakening Effect, Wind Master, is one of the best in the game. This increases his walking, dashing, and backdashing speed by fifty percent while also increasing the distance of his backdashes, making it exponentially harder to keep up with him.

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