Doom Can Now Run On A Herd Of Minecraft Sheep

The unofficial Doom mod series has become a relentless phenomenon within the world of modding, and each creation gets more impressive. When you thought that Doom running on a pregnancy test was wild enough, a modder has now taken the FPS back inside Minecraft to target a herd of sheep.

Back in July, a mod allowed gamers to run Doom in Minecraft using a virtual machine. And now someone has managed to turn a herd of sheep into a screen and run Doom on it. Modder Treyzania featured his contribution to the Doom mod series in a YouTube video, before forcing the Sheep screen to play the music video for Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. While the game cannot be played in this format, it still provides a fascinating watch.

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Treyzania achieved this baaaaffling feat by using a video file with special encoding. The picture is formed through the animal’s wool which flips through an impressive range of colors. Treyzania altered the plugin to accommodate all of Minecraft’s 16 sheep colors, which now appears to support any video you can think of. Contrary to the virtual machine that lets you play Doom within Minecraft, Treyzania’s creation does not allow gameplay, but it’s a spectacle that should be seen at least once.

Famous for subjecting the poor Minecraft sheep to the music video for Bad Apple – by Japanese artist Nomico – Treyzania has now created the makings of another viral meme with their Rick Astley-colored sheep. Bad Apple’s music video worked so well because it was shot in black and white, and Treyzania’s original plugin was built for monochrome videos. The next logical step after Astley was obviously Doom, right? This is the natural conclusion and there’s nowhere else to go from here.

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