Dragon Quest XI S Pre-Orders Available On PS4, Xbox One, And Steam

The Nintendo Switch’s exclusive special edition of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is now coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and if you want to reserve your digital copy, you can do so right now on PS4, Xbox One and Steam for $40 USD. However, if you’re an Xbox One user, you may want to consider subscribing to Game Pass instead–Dragon Quest XI S is coming to the subscription service on day one.

Thankfully, Square Enix has kept Dragon Quest XI S’s pre-orders simple, with only one edition and no pre-order bonuses. The Definitive Edition does come with some bonus content, however. Included with this edition are a Trodain set for the Luminary, which makes him look like Dragon Quest VIII’s hero, as well as a Baby Boar set for your companion, Veronica. You also get ten consumables: five Pep Pops, which peps up your party and lets you use special attacks, and five Seeds of Skill, which increases one character’s skill points by five.

Dragon Quest XI S – Definitive Edition

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