Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Lays Out Free Post-Launch DLC

Dungeons & Dragons continues its week of reveals with new info about Dark Alliance. A trailer showed off the characters, combat, and story of the game, but the big news was free post-launch DLC. An expansion is also coming in Fall 2021.

Wizards of the Coast decided to get a head start on E3 with its own series of announcements. While most pertain to the tabletop realm of D&D, such as a new hardcover adventure set in the Feywild, today’s was all about Dark Alliance. First was a new trailer narrated by actor Jemaine Clement. He takes an irreverent tone as he described the story, characters, enemies, combat, and loot of Dark Alliance.

The story follows legendary drow ranger Drizzt and the Companions of the Hall as they protect the magical Crystal Shard from a “dark alliance” made up of goblins, giants, trolls, mind flayers, a beholder, and other evil entities of D&D’s Icewind Dale. Combat will involve chaining together light, heavy, and special attacks to take down mobs and huge bosses. There are also ultimate attacks and team attacks, if you’re playing in co-op. Finally, loot comes in rarity tiers but is not subject to any microtransactions.

Dark Alliance’s June 22 release date is fast approaching, making it the perfect time to talk post-launch. Wizards did exactly this, showing a roadmap for what seems to be the rest of the year. In Summer 2021, a free DLC will provide new levels to fight and loot through. In Fall 2021, even more new levels will be released along with higher difficulty rankings. Fall 2021 will also see an expansion called Echoes of the Blood War.

The Echoes of the Blood War expansion will add more new levels, probably a new story to go with them, and a new playable character. More is teased besides that, likely referring to new loot to go with the new character. The Blood War in D&D is the ongoing conflict between demons and devils of the lower planes, meaning players will probably be in for a hellish series of battles against fiends.

Look for more news on what D&D and Dark Alliance have in store as E3 continues on.

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