Elden Ring Blaidd Voice Actor Knows You’re Thirsty, Feels "Warm And Loved"

Blaidd has become a favourite character among Elden Ring fans. The half man-half wolf is a poster child for FromSoftware's breakout success and like many of the Japanese dev's most memorable characters is graced with a troubled and tragic story arc.

But perhaps a crucial part of the character's charm lies in the talent behind the digital face. That would be Scott Arthur, the Welsh actor who voices Blaidd in Elden Ring. Besides Elden Ring, Arthur has also appeared in Amazon Prime series Good Omens and the 2017 feature film Borg McEnroe. But the Welshman popped up in a Buzzfeed …Reacts YouTube series where he reacts to Elden Ring Tweets.

First thing's first, Arthur makes sure viewers know exactly how to say "Blaidd". The actor says, "So, you pronounce it 'Blithe'. Not Blide, not Blythe – Blithe". Remarking that his character stands upright but has the head of a wolf, Arthur acknowledges that his character has gone down well with a certain community.

"I know that he's caused quite a stir in the furry world", he says. Anyway, Blaidd then proceeds to read the Tweets, as per the format for this, by now, well-known Internet video genre.

And the Tweets… woof! They sure are thirsty, and Arthur responds rather sweetly to the frankly outrageous Tweets that speculate on Blaidd's various physical attributes. One part of a Tweet the Welshman has to read out goes: "Please make more sexy animal men fs, please!!!" Our man Arthur responds by saying: "Listen Miyazaki, that is a request".

Beyond the super thirst, which takes up a good chunk of the 3:50m video, other themes broached in this episode of reacting to Tweets, Elden Ring edition, has Blaidd – I mean Arthur – reacting to comments about his Welshness. Well, actually that's a lie, there's just the one Tweet about his Welshness, most of the Tweets are just incredibly, incredibly thirsty.

How does Arthur feel after reading all these Tweets? "Warm. Aroused. Comforted", the actor says. Those watching may feel the same if the Tweets he's read are anything to go by.

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