Elden Ring Community Helps Player Keep His Character "As Naked As Possible"

The Elden Ring community is one of the most dedicated and inviting gaming communities you can come across. When it's not busy digging up lost bits of lore from the underside of Radahn's horse, the community will probably be helping out some poor sod with a build to go up against Malenia. This is mostly because FromSoftware games are hard on their own, you don't need other people ruining it for you. So, the community will help you out with whatever you need.

As is the case with Redditor Sogeking1738. They asked the community to help them increase their character's poise, while keeping them as naked as possible. There was no judgement by the community – no questions or doubts. Just answers to help their fellow Tarnished out. If they want to stay as naked as possible, that's on them – Erdtree protect them. The community does not cast judgement, it only helps those in need.

"Iron Jar Aromatic, altered gladiator cloak, flask of wonderful physik, fia hug, and bull goats talisman," said mqstery. A decent ensemble to show off that body, but not quite on the spot to boost their poise. PublicEnemy0ne suggested adding the Gold Waistwrap and Godskin Noble Bracers to that, which could possibly work well.

DangSquirrel suggested the Gravekeeper Cloak for the torso; Gold Bracelets for the hands. They mentioned that the "Godskin Noble Bracelets are similar in size and provide more poise, but cover more skin". Old Aristocrat Shoes for the legs, and the Bull-Goat's Talisman as it provides a bunch of poise and is invisible.

Infinitelytwisted's advice was a little more detailed than the others, but a bit harder to follow. They said, "while using a greataxe you already have around 45 poise, but only while attacking. On top of that you can use perfumes, you can use the endure ash of war, you can use lions claw or other ashes that grant hyperarmor for trading. This is all without adding a single piece of armor. As for armor, just grab whatever is lightest while adding sufficient poise, then search for the most revealing variant in that range I guess."

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