Elden Ring Fan Brings Let Me Solo Her To Dark Souls 3 For Its Hardest Boss

Heroes are forged in the fires of battle. In Elden Ring, a legendary warrior and helper named Let Me Solo Her won the hearts and minds of the Tarnished when he offered to face Malenia alone. Now, his legacy continues in Dark Souls 3. A player has donned the onion helmet and dual katanas to solo the Nameless King for players having a tough time.

The original Let Me Solo Her has now beaten Malenia over 1,000 times. They gained notoriety for wearing nothing but an onion knight helmet and dual-wielding katanas. Malenia is one of the toughest boss battles in the game, so being able to defeat her in his underwear was a truly impressive feat.

Let Me Solo Her's exploits are so legendary that they even received a gift from publisher Bandai Namco. They even have a fan-made 3D minature. After their thousandth win, they informed viewers they'd be restarting the game and forgoing their title, so it's great to see other players in other games taking their place.

Some players tried to simply cosplay the master, but it's not just the look that's important, it's all the skill that goes with it. This new protege has yet to have their mettle tested, so we don't know yet if they're worthy of the title. We can only wait and hope.

Even though Let Me Solo Her has retired, gone to live another life, you can still summon them. A modder turned the Lone Wolf spirit ash into an AI version of the Tarnished hero. It's not the same, of course, but it's better than nothing.

In other Elden Ring news, the latest update to the game has changed Morgott's animation to remove the fire from his sword. It makes his flame of ambition line feel a little out of place now. Still, fans are wondering what prompted the change, as it feels too big to be a mistake.

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