Elden Ring Patch Tones Down Endure To Be Less Enduring

Elden Ring’s 1.07 patch came out almost two weeks ago, and fans have been loving the changes made to PvP’s damage scaling and the many buffs to the game’s magic spells. There was, however, one Ash of War that received a little too much of a boost, and that was Endure.

Endure as a skill isn’t inherently bad–you sacrifice a bit of FP and time to boost your poise and damage reduction. The problem with Endure was that patch 1.07 accidentally allowed Endure to last a really long time, leading PvPers to all flock to the skill.

Rocky Balboa here provides an enduring (pun intended) example of what went wrong with Endure. After casting the spell once, the player is able to take blows from the hardest-hitting damage sources in Elden Ring and still stay standing. Direct shots from Comet, Gavel of Haima, Ranni’s Dark Moon, Flame of the Fell God, and all manner of great and colossal swords are all meaningless in the face of Endure. And Endure could easily last the entire length of combat during an invasion, as Rocky shows time and time gain in the second half of the video.

Clearly, something needed to be done. Bandai Namco has wisely taken action in patch 1.07.01 to “shorten” the duration of Endure.

"Shortened effect duration," reads today’s patch notes. "Adjustments made in patch 1.07 had a greater impact on the game balance than expected." Elden Ring PvPers in the official subreddit aren’t at all surprised to hear about Endure’s demise in today’s patch. Some are even suggesting that PvP balance has become a focus due to an impending DLC that might have a PvP Coliseum in it.

Elsewhere in today’s patch, Inescapable Frenzy’s FP cost has been reduced to better reflect the amount stated in the 1.07 patch notes, and "Black Blade is currently missing its follow-up attack when cast from the left hand." Expect that to be fixed in the next patch.

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