Eyes Of Tomorrow Gets Massive Stealth Nerf In Destiny 2: Season Of The Chosen

Season of the Chosen, the latest season to hit Destiny 2, came with a straight 30% damage boost to all non-Exotic Rocket Launchers. That’s a lot, and it’s certainly looking like it’ll define the meta for the current season. But it also seems that one Exotic Rocket Launcher is going to be left behind.

That Rocket is Eyes of Tomorrow, the brand new Launcher that was added with Beyond Light’s Deep Stone Crypt raid. During the previous season, those lucky enough to acquire Eyes of Tomorrow were astounded by its damage potential. Eyes of Tomorrow could fire up to six rockets at once, and although they did somewhat less damage than an individual Legendary rocket, it was still WAY more damage than any single Rocket Launcher has ever done in Destiny 2.

That time is over now. As discovered by Destiny 2 YouTuber Scrub, Season of the Chosen hit Eyes of Tomorrow with a surprise 33% damage nerf, ending its reign as damage king before it had even been around for a full season.

Bungie did say that they’d tune Exotic Rocket Launchers individually, so they weren’t subject to the straight damage buff as Legendary Rockets were. However, most of us thought that Exotic Rockets would at least get a buff, not a nerf.

One Rocket that might have gotten even more than a 30% damage boost is Two-Tailed Fox. The Forsaken-era Rocket Launcher was never particularly popular as a damage dealer after Shadowkeep, but that might be about to change. According to Redditor BistroCuizine, Two-Tailed fox deals anywhere from 15% to 37% more damage than before, depending on what you’re shooting at.

I can personally confirm that Two-Tailed Fox might be the sleeper weapon of the season. Taking it into the Prophecy Dungeon, I almost out-boss-damaged a Celestial Nighthawk Hunter as a Titan without a single reload-speed buff or the Argent Ordnance mod.

Pour one out for Eyes of Tomorrow, but then bow down to Two-Tailed Fox, the new Destiny 2 damage king.

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