Fable: The 10 Strongest Legendary Weapon In The Game, Ranked

Fable was nothing short of a phenomenon when it first released in 2004. A lot of it has to do with the visionary designer Peter Molyneux overseeing the game’s development. At the time of release, it was hailed for its imaginative yet familiar RPG elements and an interactive story. The game boasted of a wide arsenal of weapons that were available at the payer’s disposal. But all weapons are not created equal. Among the various classes of weaponry, the Legendary Weapons are by far the best ones.

Though acquiring them is no walk in the park, the toil is extremely rewarding and allows for smoothly burning through hordes of enemies. The following Legendary Weapons are the best of the best.

10 Wellow’s Pickhammer

Type: Warhammer

Damage: 120

Base Value: 29400 Gold

Wellow’s Pickhammer in one of those legendaries which can be obtained during the early game. Players looking to acquire it have to commit an evil task in front of the Greatwood Gorge Demon Door. The two ways in which players can go about completing this task include- eating 11 crunchy chicks in front of it or by already being pure evil. The Pickhammer itself is a marvel to look at. The blow and silver handles add to its allure while packing a serious punch. The Pickhammer was originally owned by Wellow, a warlord whose dominion consisted of the northern ridges of the Old Kingdom.

9 Dollmaster’s Mace

Type: Mace

Damage: 135

Base Value: 33075 Gold

The Dollmaster’s Mace is also one of the early Legendary Weapons in the game. The Mace was the only weapon ever forged by the fabled Dollmaster and it’s a testament to his skills and eye for detail. The weapon is light in weight while possessing the ability to deal out a considerable amount of damage. The Mana augmentation makes it a popular choice amongst players. In order to acquire it, players will have to equip 3 full sets of clothes, namely- Bright Platemail Suit, Bandit Outfit and Dark Will User’s Outfit. Upon acquisition of these, players need to head to the Demon Door at the Abandoned Road and don them one at a time.

8 Cutlass Bluetane

Type: Cleaver

Damage: 165

Base Value: 40425 Gold

The Cutlass Bluetane is a legendary weapon which was part of a legendary treasure. Though its use was mostly ornamental, the cutlass slices through foes like a knife through butter.  To get their hands on this Legendary Weapon in Fable, players will have to open the Greatwood Caves Demon Door. The door can only be opened by players with an active Combat Multiplier of 14 or above.

The Cutlass Bluetane also happens to be the only cleaver type weapon which allows for stabbing downed enemies instead of just kicking them.

7 Ronok The Axe

Type: Axe

Damage: 165

Base Value: 43424 Gold

Hidden behind the Demon Door at the Grey House, Ronok The Axe was carved by the Old Kingdom Foresters. In order to acquire this slick axe, players have to be married to Lady Grey. Even if they later divorce Lady Grey, the Demon Door can still be opened. Players who choose not to marry lady Grey or turn her in for the murder of her sister cannot obtain the axe. The Silver and Sharpening augmentation makes the axe a force to reckon with during combat.

6 The Harbinger

Type: Longsword

Damage: 198

Base Value: 44100 Gold

The Harbinger is a legendary longsword which created by Elda and Essa, the twins. The weapon is so competent that the twins cut off each other’s hands so that there was never another like it. In an apparent homage to King Arthur, the longsword has to be pulled free from a stone near the Temple Of Avo. The acquisition of the sword is different when compared to the rest. Players need to have upgraded their hero’s Physique 5 times, Health 2 times, and Toughness 3 times after their first attempt at pulling out the sword. Players having maxed out stats will be able to pull out the sword right away.

5 Katana Hiryu

Type: Katana

Damage: 215

Base Value: 47775 Gold

The Hiryu which is Japanese for “flying dragon” is one of the strongest Legendary Light weapons available for use. It can be found inside a Silver Chest in Lady Grey’s bedroom at Bowerstone Manor. To open it, however, players will have to obtain 15 silver keys. The katana is only available when players choose to marry Lady Grey. Just marry her already. The Katana has exquisite handling due to its low weight. It also allows for rapid attacks on enemies.

4 Arken’s Crossbow

Type: Crossbow

Damage: 220

Base Value: 50160 Gold

Arken’s Crossbow is a Legendary weapon available for players who prefer ranged combat. The crossbow has an interesting history because it was put together by Arken from pieces he found lying around in a ravaged battlefield. The war later came to be known as the Massacre of Olagan. The Flame, Silver and Piercing augmentations increase its effectiveness. Arken’s Crossbow can be unlocked by opening a Silver Chest in Darkwood Lake. Players will need 15 silver keys to open the chest.

3 Murren Greathammer

Type: Greathammer

Damage: 270

Base Value: 66150 Gold

Dugout from the Murren Graves of yore, the Murren Greathammer deals an unholy amount of damage upon impact. The Greathammer can be found in the Heroes Guild Silver Chest. The chest itself is really hard to open because it requires 20 silver keys. Keeping in mind the raw stats of this weapon, the hard work is definitely worth it.

The Murren Greathammer can also become unavailable if not acquired before accepting the Try To Stop Jack Of Blades quest card.

2 Solus Greatsword

Type: Greatsword

Damage: 314

Base Value: 69825 Gold

The Solus Greatsword has one of the highest damage output in the game. In order to acquire this Legendary Weapon in Fable, players must have completed The Arena quest. In doing so, access to Bowerstone North is unlocked where the sword can be purchased for a very high price of 77900 gold. The price may vary as it depends on the Hero’s alignment. Another way to obtain it is by marrying Lady Grey(it’s true) and showering her with presents and indulging in flirtatious conversation. Gradually, she will gift players the Solus Greatsword. This technique only works for Xbox users.

1 Sword Of Aeons

Type: Longsword

Damage: 550

Base Value: 149179 Gold

Sword of Aeons is by far the most powerful of the Legendary Weapons in Fable. Acquisition of the sword is tied in with the main questline of Fable. Specifically, the is sword can be found in the Chamber Of Fate after defeating Jack of Blades. The sword can only be activated by the player by sacrificing one of his bloodline. It can also be cast into the vortex created by Jack of Blades death and destroyed forever.

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