Fall Guys cheaters face hack clampdown as game hits 8 million players on PS4

Mediatonic claims to be on top of the cheating epidemic in Fall Guys, but are they right to be so confident given the game’s success?

The number of people playing Fall Guys has hit 8 million according to unofficial figures, but the game continues to have problems with cheaters.

The figure comes from Gamestat, which isn’t always super accurate, but since the game is free to download, and has been a massive hit from the very start, they’re not surprising.

What’s also not surprising, unfortunately, is that despite it being a super casual game a lot of people have been trying to cheat, some using specifically made mods to give them an advantage.

The hacks being used are able to let players fly or teleport or run at super speed and are free to download for anyone, if you know where to look – although that’s all much easier to do on a PC.

Even without purpose-made hacks players have still found ways to glitch their way to victory, by taking advantage of bugs that let them clip through walls or float unnaturally in the air.

Developer Mediatonic insists it’s on top of the situation though and that it’s found a way to scan for cheats, which has already made a dent in the problem.

Although you can report cheats on the Fall Guys subreddit, Mediatonic say that there’s no need to do so – although that may be a little too optimistic on their part.

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