Fall Guys Fans Need To Complete A 2400 Piece Jigsaw To See The Next Season 4 Teaser

Fall Guys has tasked its followers with working together to complete a 2400 piece puzzle to unlock the next teaser for season four.

Fall Guys season three is now the longest season in the game’s short history. However, starting last week, the tease for season four officially began. The minds behind the battle royale game revealed that the theme for the upcoming season will be the future, and it has been named Fall Guys 4041. Players will need to work a little harder for the next tidbit of information, though.

They have been tasked with completing a 2400 piece puzzle. Fall Guys has posted the link to a zip file on Twitter with all the pieces in. Well, all but one, as the file contains 2399 items. It’s unclear at this moment in time whether that was a mistake or a twist in this tale. “Download it, reupload it, share it, assemble it, work together, or work on your own,” the tweet reads.

This is the second time Fall Guys has given out a teaser in puzzle form. Last time, it sent pieces out to different followers, forcing the Fall Guys community to work together. This time you don’t have to, but it would certainly help. It didn’t take Fall Guys fans long to complete the puzzle last time, so don’t hang around if you want to get in on the puzzle and try to be the first one to piece the whole thing together.

Season four could well be the beginning of a second wave for Fall Guys. It is certainly going to be a big summer for the most downloaded PS Plus game in history. It was announced during the recent Nintendo Direct that Fall Guys will finally be coming to Switch this summer. Less than 24 hours later, Fall Guys revealed it will also be coming to Xbox, presumably at the same time.

It has been assumed for a while that Fall Guys was a timed console exclusive, a pretty common thing for PlayStation. The same can be said of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. That means on top of the PS5 and Intergrade news, we could also get an announcement regarding new platforms for the GOTY candidate in the coming weeks.

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