Fall Guys: Red Envelope Rally Event Guide

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Fall Guys is celebrating the Lunar New year with a brand-new in-game event, titled the Red Envelope Rally. Like others events introduced in the past, this event has unique challenges that can be completed in exchange for exclusive cosmetic rewards.

This event will only be running for a limited time, taking place until February 6, so make sure you take advantage of it and all available rewards while you still can. Functioning a little differently than previous limited-time events, we have put together a guide with everything you need to know about it, allowing you to earn all possible in-game rewards.

Event Challenges

The challenges for this event come in the form of special Daily Challenges, providing you with three possible Red Envelope Challenges to complete on a daily basis. Unlike other events, these challenges can be found in the Daily section of the Challenges screen, each tagged as Red Envelope challenges.

The majority of these challenges require you to compete in shows with at least one other player, having you complete different tasks "whilst in a Party." Although there is no set order or pattern when it comes to which three challenges you will get each day, below you can find all possible Red Envelope Daily Challenges with the additional rewards that they will provide.



Play Any Show

2,600 Fame

Play Any Show five times whilst in a Party

100 Kudos

Qualify from Round three one time whilst in a Party

100 Kudos

Play Any Round five times whilst in a Party

100 Kudos

Play Race Rounds three times whilst in a Party

100 Kudos

Qualify from Any Round three times whilst in a Party

100 Kudos

Qualify from Race Rounds one time whilst in a Party

100 Kudos

Event Rewards

The exclusive rewards for this event can be unlocked by completing different Red Envelope Daily Challenges, providing you with four different cosmetic rewards for doing so. These different rewards are obtained through the completion of one, four, seven, and ten Red Envelope Daily Challenges.

Requiring the completion of ten Red Envelope Daily Challenges, you will need to log in and complete these challenges on at least four different days to earn all available rewards.

Each of these event rewards can be found below with the number of Red Envelope Daily Challenges that need to be completed to obtain them.

Number of Challenges Completed

Reward Earned


"Year Of The Rabbit" Nameplate


"Antique Coin Belt" Costume Lower


"Rabbit Whiskers" Pattern


"Golden Coin Belt" Costume Lower

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