Fall Guys To Add More Random Chaos With "Big Yeetus"

The developers of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout are throwing a bit of a spanner in the works with a new device that goes by the ominous name of “Big Yeetus.” Or rather, one should say they’re throwing a bit of a hammer in the works, what with Big Yeetus being a big hammer and all.

More specifically, Big Yeetus is a big pink-and-white-striped hammer that swings around erratically and hurls (or “yeets,” to use the formal English terminology) your bean-creature through the air in whichever direction in so chooses. It will also apparently spawn randomly.

The Big Yeetus announcement – or “spicy leak,” as the devs called it – came in the form of a tweet from the game’s official Twitter account posted yesterday. With it came a short explanation for its existence (“to shake things up” randomly), a vague description of the thing (it is Chaotic Neutral, and neither your friend nor your enemy), and a clip of it in action. And indeed, it appears to do its job very well.

You might also notice from the GIF – which shows a clip of the Dizzy Heights level –  that gargantuan watermelons are seen rolling about too, seemingly having replaced the balls you’d expect to see at the end of the level. This could suggest that the upcoming second season of Fall Guys may feature variations for existing levels, along with the brand new stages we’re already expecting from it after checking out the Season 2 Sneak Peek last week.

With a bunch of new content like this on the horizon, the outrageously popular battle royale looks to be in no mood of growing stale any time soon, which is always a possibility when a game burns as fast and bright as this one is. Mediatonic is clearly pushing things into overdrive to try keep up with their game’s unexpected popularity, which includes trying to put a stop to the hacking issues they’ve been experiencing.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is now available for both PC and PlayStation 4, with Season 2 due to kick off in October 2020.

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