Fallout: London Is Cutting Ghouls Based On Queen Elizabeth And King Charles

Fallout: London is a huge fan-made mod that looks to turn the wasteland of Boston's Commonwealth into London, the capital of England. It's an ambitious project that will feature many distinct parts of the city, but due to the recent passing of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, two characters have been cut from the game: ghouls based on her and her son, King Charles III.

This news was announced by the Fallout: London team in the latest progress video (via GamesRadar). Project lead Dean 'Prilladog' Carter explains in the video, "We did have an inclusion for [Queen Elizabeth] and her son, at the time Prince Charles, now King Charles III." He adds that although "They were going to be included in the mod. We've always maintained that if she was to pass away before the mod was complete, we would change it."

WHile we don't know with 100 percent certainty that the King and Queen characters were both ghouls, artwork previously shared of a zombie-like regent with two vicious attack corgis is pretty hard evidence, as is the fact that to be alive post-2077 the royals would have to be ghoulified.

This extensive Fallout 4 mod has attracted so much attention that some of the writers on it have been hired by Bethesda. With popularity comes fans, and with fans come disappointed and angry ones. Carter has already gotten out ahead of them by stating, "there's no point moaning. It's the official stance of the mod and it will not change." So there you have it. The mod is not for turning.

If you want to give the mod a go ahead of its full release, there's a demo out already. There are weapons to try, characters to meet, and a quest to complete.

Fallout: London attempts to answer the question: what happened to the world outside of America when the bombs fell? It's a very British experience, with its own version of Vault-Tec – as the spooky science lab shows in one of the game's trailers.

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