Fans Clarify That GTA 6 Won’t Have The Series’ First Female Protagonist

Long-term GTA fans are reminding everyone that GTA 6 won't actually have the series' first female protagonist, as the original game actually had four of them.

Just a few days ago, Bloomberg reported that Rockstar had taken steps to improve its culture of work. Amidst that report was the claim that GTA 6 will take place in Miami and will have two protagonists, one of which is a Latina female. The article also states that this is the series' first female protagonist, but old school GTA fans have rallied to say that it's actually been done before.

As reported by Push Square, Twitter user denkicolin responded to the Tweet announcing that GTA 6 will have a female protagonist with a photo of the playable characters featured in the original Grand Theft Auto, released all the way back in 1997. As you can see from the shared photo, four of the original GTA's eight protagonists were actually female, so it's not the first time that the series has done it.

The first GTA had eight different protagonists for the player to choose, four of which were female. Those characters were Divine, Katie, Mikki, and Ulrika, although they were exclusive to the PC version of the game, which is likely why they aren't very well known about. According to Visual Sciences programmer Russel Kay, the reason why the female protagonists weren't in the PlayStation version of the game is due to VRAM issues, and because the characters had been finishing in the final few months of the PC version's launch, whereas they'd been finished much longer ago on the PlayStation due to timing issues.

Granted, many people forget that GTA even had games prior to GTA 3 as they were a completely different style and tone. It also doesn't change the story at all which character you choose to play as, and there are very minimal differences between the character choice overall, so it's hardly as groundbreaking as GTA 6 choosing to have a female protagonist. Still, it's worth remembering that GTA has actually done it before.

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