Final Fantasy 14: Dohn Mheg Dungeon Guide

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Dohn Mheg is a level 73 dungeon in Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers. The second dungeon of the expansion, this time you'll be seeking the Lightwarden in Il Mheg, the land of the Faeries. However, before you can confront the Lightwarden, you'll need to get the key to the castle they reside in. One part of that key is here, in Dohn Mheg.

The dungeon in the land of the Faeries can be misleadingly challenging. Be on the lookout for tricks and traps as you make your way through Dohn Mheg. Whether you tackle this dungeon with Trust allies or other players, prepare for a tough time. Let's go over each boss you'll find in Dohn Mheg, and how to beat them.

How To Unlock Dohn Mheg

This dungeon is unlocked through the following Main Scenario Quest.

  • Accept the Main Scenario Quest 'The Key to the Castle'
    • NPC Location: Sul Uin – Il Mheg (X:14.3, Y:31.1)

    Dungeon Walkthrough

    Dohn Mheg can be completed using the Trust system, allowing you to enter the dungeon with your Scion allies. While it will take longer to complete the dungeon with Trusts, they will almost always dodge mechanics perfectly, which can help when learning the dungeon.

    Listed below are each of the bosses found in Dohn Mheg, their attacks and mechanics, and how to beat them.

    Aenc Thon, Lord of the Lingering Gaze

    The first boss of Dohn Mheg is Aenc Thon. This mischievous frog can be deceivingly difficult. Below are each of Aenc Thon's attacks.

    • Candy Cane: Deals high damage to the Tank. Use defensive cooldowns to mitigate the damage from Candy Cane.
    • Hydrofall: Aenc Thon targets two players with AoE circles. Move outside the AoE indicator to avoid, as these will do high damage if you are hit.
    • Laughing Leap: Aenc Thon will either target the center of the arena with an AoE circle, or a random player with a stack marker. Group up on the affected player to spread out the damage of this AoE. Otherwise, if no player is targeted with a stack marker, simply avoid moving near the center of the arena.
    • Landsblood: Aenc Thon will deal damage to all party members every few seconds, and will summon water puddles at the same time. Every time the boss deals party-wide damage, the puddles will get closer to exploding. The puddles will begin in phase one, where they are dark blue. Then, when the boss deals party-wide damage, they will move to phase two, where they are light blue. These puddles will explode the next time the boss deals party-wide damage, knocking up and damaging players.
      • This attack lasts for a while, and the Healer will need to prepare to use AoE healing to recover the party's health. To avoid this attack, watch where the light blue puddles are and move away from them.

      Aenc Thon will repeat these attacks until he is defeated. The main mechanic to watch out for is Landsblood. Once you've gotten the hang of this attack, Aenc Thon will be a breeze.


      The second boss of this dungeon is Griaule, a tree monster who will grow in size and difficulty as the fight progresses. Listed below are each of Griaule's attacks and mechanics.

      • Swinge: Turns toward a random player and targets them with a large frontal cone AoE. Move out of the large AoE indicator to avoid this attack.
      • Fodder: The boss will move to the center of the arena before summoning five untargetable Sapling minions that will tether to him. After a few seconds, the Saplings will grant the Growing buff to the target of their Tether, increasing damage dealt and reducing damage taken. To avoid this, move between the Sapling and Griaule. Doing so will cause the Sapling to grant you the buff instead of the boss. Because five Saplings appear during Fodder, and there are only four members in your party, the boss will always gain a stack of this, regardless of if each player intercepts the tether.
      • Tiimbeeer: Deals damage to all party members. Recover with AoE heals.
      • Coiling Ivy: Traps each player in a Painted Ivy, restricting movement. The Painted Ivys can be destroyed to free the player trapped inside. Destroy your own Painted Ivy before helping your allies.

      Griaule will repeat these attacks and use them more frequently until it is defeated. Always be sure to intercept the Fodder Growing buff, as this will allow you to deal more damage to the boss while reducing the amount of damage the boss does to you.

      Aenc Thon, Lord of the Lengthsome Gait

      The final boss of Dohn Mheg is also Aenc Thon, this time appearing in his "true" form as a tall frog. Aenc Thon's attacks and mechanics are listed below.

      • Crippling Blow: Deals high damage to the Tank. Mitigate Crippling Bow with defensive cooldowns.
      • Virtuistic Capriccio: Deals damage to all party members and inflicts a Bleed debuff. Use AoE healing to recover from this attack.
      • Imp Choir: Aenc Thon will begin charging a gaze attack that will transform players that are looking at the boss into Imps for six seconds, preventing all action. Turn your back to the boss to avoid being turned into an Imp.
      • Toad Choir: Aenc Thon will turn to a random player and begin casting this attack. Toad Choir is a frontal cone AoE that turns all hit players into Toads for six seconds, preventing all action. When the boss suddenly turns around and begins casting this attack, quickly move behind him to avoid being turned into a Toad.

      • Funambulist's Fantasia: Aenc Thon will jump to the back of the arena, push all players to the front of the arena, and create a large gap between you and the boss. Then, in that gap, a thin, winding path will appear. At the same time, Aenc Thon will surround himself in a barrier that prevents all damage and begin casting Liar's Lyre. You will need to carefully navigate the narrow path to reach the other side of the arena and destroy the Lyre before Aenc Thon finishes casting Finale. If you fall off the path, you will be sent back to the front of the arena.
        • Liar's Lyre: This object is summoned next to Aenc Thon inside the barrier during Funambulist's Fantasia. Destroy the Lyre before Finale is finished casting.
        • Finale: Instantly kills all players.
      • Changeling's Fantasia: Aenc Thon will transform into the Shade of Fear, granting him access to two new attacks.