Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker – How To Unlock Studium Deliveries

Final Fantasy 14's Hydaelyn and Zodiark arc finally comes to a close with the latest expansion, Endwalker, which introduces many new things for you to tackle. One of those newest additions is the Studium located in Old Sharlayan, allowing you to carry out deliveries to earn Crafters' and Gatherers' Scrips.

The Studium will have each Disciple of Hand or Land take on a series of five quests assigned with different faculties. Each faculty has its own story progression that will advance with each completed delivery. Since these questlines deal with Disciples of Hand and Land, you must be level 80 or higher in one of those classes.

Unlocking The Studium

Before you gain access to the Studium, you must first meet a few requirements. You must be level 80 in at least one of the classes found in the Disciple of Hand or Land (you can see each class from the Disciple of Hand and Land below). If you meet that requirement, then you must accept and complete the quest "The Faculty" given out by Qih Aliapoh in Old Sharlayan (4.0, 9.4), which becomes available after completing the "Sound the Bell, School's In" and "Inscrutable Tastes" MSQ in Endwalker.

Disciple of Hand Classes

  • Alchemist
  • Armorer
  • Blacksmith
  • Carpenter
  • Culinarian
  • Goldsmith
  • Leatherworker
  • Weaver

Disciple of Land Classes

  • Botanist
  • Fisher
  • Miner

Studium Faculties

There are five faculties inside of the Studium. Each faculty has designated classes from either the Disciple of Hand or Land assigned to them, along with their own story path that you can progress through by turning in deliveries. Additionally, an NPC also leads each faculty, acting as the quest giver.

As mentioned above, each faculty will have five missions for you to work your way through, ranging from rank 80 through 90 of their respective classes. You can find the complete list of faculties, classes, and leaders below!

Faculty Classes And Leaders