Final Fantasy 16 Will Let You Fight Alongside Torgal The Wolf

You might have noticed during yesterday’s trailer reveal at The Game Awards that there was a dog fighting alongside Clive in Final Fantasy 16. A wolf, in fact, and today we’re getting more details on just how Clive came to align himself with the most precious pupper ever seen in a Final Fantasy game.

According to new details released on the PlayStation blog, that wolf is called Torgal. Taken in as an orphan during one of Archduke Elwin’s expeditions to the freezing north, he was then handed down to his children as a pet upon his return. The attack that Rosaria by the Holy Empire of Sanbreque very nearly ended both Clive and Torgal’s lives, but after being separated, the two are reunited over a decade later. Torgal hasn’t forgotten his former master in all that time, proving to be as loyal as the bestest of boys.

Torgal can attack in battle and can even "mend Clive's wounds," which perhaps implies he’s the healer of the party. If that’s the case, I’d really hope for one of those bourbon barrels on a Saint Bernard as an available armor. It’s also hinted that Torgal can perform "devastating" duo attacks "if Clive times his orders right."

And of course you can pet Torgal.

We also learned about Cid in today's blog. Confirmed to be another of Clive's allies, Cid is another Dominant with the ability to summon the Thunder God Rahm. He also uses his scientific acumen to learn how to live in the deadlands, so-called because there's not a whole lot living in the parts of Valisthea affected by the Blight.

Final Fantasy 16 will be the first action RPG in the mainline series. It'll feature a unique battle system where you weave Eikon powers into standard swordplay and can even summon a powerful Eikon to fight dreadful foes. If you were expecting a more laid-back Final Fantasy akin to the older turn-based games, a Story-focused mode will turn down the difficulty, automatically having Clive evade attacks and using Eikonic combos with single button presses.

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