Final Fantasy & more game music played during Olympics opening ceremony

Video game music was played during the Olympics’ opening ceremony, including tracks from Final Fantasy and Sonic The Hedgehog.

Olympic opening ceremonies always act as celebrations of the hosting country and with this year’s (technically last year’s) Olympics taking place in Tokyo, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that the ceremony was accompanied by music from some of Japan’s biggest gaming franchises.

And yet it has to a lot of people. Viewers have expressed shock and delight upon recognising some of their favourite pieces of video game music being played during the Parade of Nations.

For those curious, the full track list of 19 songs can be found on Nikkan Sports, covering 14 games including Final Fantasy, Sonic The Hedgehog, and Monster Hunter.

Square Enix seems to get the most love with six of its games represented, including Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and NieR. Bandai Namco gets some love as well, with music from its Tales and Ace Combat series selected. There’s even one track from Pro Evolution Soccer (or eFootball as it’s now called).

The songs chosen aren’t entirely random either and actually suit the Olympics surprisingly well. Final Fantasy’s victory theme makes a lot of sense and two of the tracks come from the Olympus world in Kingdom Hearts, which is based on Disney’s animated Hercules movie and features the Olympus Coliseum as a location for tournaments.

There have been demands to outright cancel the Olympics because of this, and organisers did opt to ban overseas fans from stadiums as part of an effort to combat the virus.

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