Final Fantasy VII Remake: How To Unlock All Of The Dresses For Cloud, Tifa, And Aerith

One of the wackiest and most memorable moments from the original version of Final Fantasy VII was undoubtedly the scene at Don Corneo’s mansion where Cloud puts on a dress in order to rescue Tifa. As such, many fans were excited to see exactly how the remake would tackle it, and Square Enix definitely didn’t disappoint.

Not only does the scene return, but it does so in such a way as to give players a certain level of control over what each character is wearing. Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith all have three different dresses which are determined by your actions and choices leading up to the end of Chapter 9. To see all nine of them though, you’re going to have to jump through a few hoops.


Tifa’s dress is determined by a conversation that you’ll have with her at the end of Chapter 3 if you complete all six of the chapter’s side quests. During the Alone at Last discovery scene, Tifa will ask Cloud which style of dress would best suit her and the answer that you choose will influence her dress later on.

  • “Something mature.” – This is the default option and will lead to Tifa wearing a blue cocktail dress. You’ll also get this dress if you don’t complete all of the side quests and skip the discovery scene.
  • “Something… sporty?” – Choosing this option will lead to Tifa wearing a silver and black cheongsam much like the one that Chun Li wears in the Street Fighter series.
  • “Something exotic?” – The exotic option will see Tifa wearing a short black kimono with silver bows and pink and red flowers.


Aerith’s dresses are also tied to completing side quests. This time, however, it’s the ones found throughout Chapter 8 and the number that you complete that matters rather than a choice in a conversation. The reveal cutscenes are also a little different, although not enough to warrant your attention.

  • 0-2 side quest(s) completed – If you do the bare minimum, Aerith will show up wearing a cheap pink sleeved dress. It’s the cheapest looking of the three dresses by far, although Don Corneo doesn’t seem to mind.
  • 3-5 side quests completed – Completing between three and five quests leads to Aerith wearing a pink halter dress with some floral embroidery on the front.
  • All 6 side quests completed – Those who complete all of the chapter’s side quests will be rewarded with a crimson ball gown with a large bow on the back.


Cloud’s dress is determined not only by the number of side quests that you complete but also which ones. As those who’ve played through it will already know, Chapter 9 features two different questlines, so which one is completed (assuming that you complete either) will affect Cloud’s outfit come the end of the chapter.

  • 0-1 side quest(s) completed – If you only complete the Burning Thighs side quest or complete no side quests at all, Cloud will wear a very basic black dress.
  • Burning Thighs + Chocobo Sam’s side quests completed – The completion of Chocobo Sam’s side quests causes Cloud to wear a blue and black ball gown with a matching black floral hairpiece.
  • Burning Thighs + Madam M’s side quests completed – Completing Madam M’s quests will lead to Cloud wearing a violet ball gown and a tiara.


You’ll unlock the Snappy Dresser trophy on your first playthrough regardless of which choices you make, but if you’re hoping to unlock the Dressed to the Nines trophy, you’re going to have to complete three of the game’s chapters multiple times. Assuming you’re already planning on doing a hard mode playthrough, this means replaying each of the relevant chapters once more.

  • Playthrough 1 (Easy / Normal) – Complete all of the side quests in Chapter 3 and choose “sporty” or “exotic.” Complete all of the side quests in Chapter 8 and either Chocobo Sam or Madam M’s questlines in Chapter 9.

  • Playthrough 2 (Hard) – Complete all of the side quests in Chapter 3 and choose “sporty” or “exotic” (whichever you didn’t choose in your first playthrough). Next, complete Weapons on a Rampage, Kids on Patrol, The Angel of the Slums, and Paying Respects in Chapter 8 to get the four manuscripts and the pink halter dress for Aerith. Finally, fully complete the questline that you didn’t pick in your first playthrough in Chapter 9.

  • Cleanup (Any Difficulty) – Rush through chapters 3, 8, and 9 without completing any side quests to pick up the three remaining dresses and unlock the Dressed to the Nines trophy.

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