Five Flushes Of Fortune Day 6 Brown Creatures – Genshin Impact Event Guide

If you’re like me, and you’ve been working hard at photographing coloured items and creatures for every day of the Five Flushes of Fortune event thus far, then you’ve probably already gotten all of the eight available treasure troves. But that’s not a reason to stop – no, you can always use Photo Swap to assist your pals in getting all of the treasure troves they need, too. And heck, Primogems are worth their weight in digital gold around here.

And with that, we’ve onto day six of the Five Flushes of Fortune event, and today we’re focusing on Brown Creatures – if you’re here it’s because you don’t know exactly what counts as a brown creature or where to find them, but actually, this might be the easiest part of the Five Flushes of Fortune event that we’ve seen thus far. Just read on below for everything you need to know about Genshin Impact’s Five Flushes of Fortune event day six. And of course, make sure to check our comprehensive event guide for a full breakdown on how to use the kamera and all of the items and creatures we’ve photographed thus far, in case you need them.

What Exactly Counts As A “Brown Creature” In Genshin Impact?

Now this might seem a bit weird. You might be scanning your head for brown creatures, only coming up with boars and birds, but believe me, there is a very obvious creature that you’re missing that is an excellent source of kamera photographs, and you’ve seen it dozens, if not hundreds, of times before. Yes, of course, I’m talking about the standard hilichurl.

Yes, the humble hilichurl – and the most brown and basic version to have ever walked the land of Teyvat. I’m talking about one of the very first enemies you came across in this game, and probably an enemy you end up ignoring a lot of the time simply because it’s barely worth the effort to kill. Hilichurls are everywhere, and killing them is easy – so hold off until you get a few photographs at least.

Where To Find And Photograph Brown Creatures In Genshin Impact

Honestly, where can’t you find these wee blighters? They inhabit every part of Teyvat, it’s hard to get away from them. There’s no need to venture into a high-level area to find some creatures to photograph, so you can just head into an early area. I went to the Thousand Winds Temple, where there are plenty of hilichurls on the way up, in addition to mitachurls, which also count towards your progress.

Just go to the temple and then slowly follow the path back to Mondstadt, you will find ten brown hilichurls to photograph before you even get halfway back to town. This has to be the easiest day of the Five Flushes of Fortune event so far.

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