Flight Simulator Players Discover Terrifying Void With An Airport At The Bottom

More eldritch horrors are appearing around the digital recreation of Earth.

The world-generating technology behind Microsoft Flight Simulator is seriously impressive, successfully recreating the entirety of our world with amazing precision, especially when considering the scale of the project. However, the system is not always perfect, resulting in some rather foreboding structures popping up around the world.

Up until now, most of these terrain issues have been minor, such as famous buildings receiving textures that don’t match their real-world counterparts. In some cases, thin pillars have sprouted from the earth, extending into the sky and forming ominous obelisks.

The newest bug has appeared off the coast of Brazil, and this one is a real doozy. An enormous hole has formed in the ground, the bottom of which lies more than 2,500 feet below ground level.

The hole does not look like a typical hole. Instead of looking like something dug into the ground, the surface of the planet is drawn inward, Inception-style, warping the textures of grass, trees, and houses. It’s a thicc-ass boy.

Players are referring to this hole, and other bugs similar to it, as anomalous fields – a rather fitting name for such a strange occurrence. Brave pilots who want to explore the depths of this cursed hole can do so at the coordinates 6°02’19.9″S 36°27’17.1″W.

Microsoft used Bing to create Flight Simulator, using data pulled from Bing Maps’ satellites in order to recreate the world. However, players have noticed that not everything is quite as it should be, and have taken it upon themselves to resolve bigger issues. Some players are even using information from Google Maps to fix Bing’s problems. Fortunately, Microsoft is actively updating the game to add more details to cities that were dealt a bad hand by Bing Maps.

Even with all the technical problems, Microsoft Flight Simulator is still a mindblowing experience. Players can dive into a detailed version of their favorite aircraft, exploring magical locations while spending days mastering the controls.

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