Fly Halo’s Pelican In Microsoft Flight Simulator Later This Year

Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of Xbox's marquee products, and it's only gotten bigger and better since its release in 2020. At Xbox's Summer Game Fest Showcase today, Microsoft announced the game's 40th anniversary will include an expansion that brings new aircraft types to the game.

Shown in the trailer were quite a few historic aircraft, including the Wright Flyer, the Spirit of St. Louis, the Granville Gee Bee Model Z Super Sportster, and the DC-3. Next, helicopters made their grand debut, with the Bell Jet Ranger and the Guimbal Cabri G2 seen in the trailer.

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But perhaps the most interesting new addition shown in the teaser trailer was the D77H-TCI Pelican Dropship, as made popular by the Halo franchise. It looks like the model looks even better than what you see in Halo Infinite, although one can't really describe how realistic the flight model will be.

Microsoft Flight Simulator's 40th Anniversary Edition will be coming in November this year, but the Halo Infinite crossover is available to download right now.

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