Fortnite Ancient Astronaut spaceship: New POI location and challenges leak

The Fortnite Ancient Astronaut spaceship POI looks like it could be launching today and bringing with it a set of themed challenges. Earlier this week the big 13.30 update launched for Battle Royale, and Fortnite dataminers discovered plenty of interesting details. One of the most eye-catching finds was a new POI which could be tied to the lore of Fortnite, and may hint towards what’s coming in the future.


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Discovered by notable Fortnite leaker FortTory, the Fortnite Ancient Astronaut spaceship POI looks like it will be going live soon in Battle Royale.

The location for the new POI will be near Craggy Cliffs, off the northern coast where Fortnite players will be able to find the crash site.

It definitely is giving us Visitor vibes, and these kind of eye-catching locations don’t tend to be added to Fortnite for no reason.

The Fortnite Ancient Astronaut spaceship may be linked to the plot of the next season or seasons further down the line.

Speculation has already begun about the significance of the new POI, with it rumoured the Ancient Astronaut could be one of ‘The Seven’.

The Seven are an extraterrestrial organisation in Fortnite, with the known members so far the Visitor, Scientist, and Paradigm.

In the leaked pictures from FortTory the Ancient Astronaut can be seen inside the crashed spaceship.

It remains to be seen if the Ancient Astronaut is taking some time to wake from hyper sleep, and could burst out from this ship later on this season.

The Fortnite Ancient Astronaut POI could get added to alongside some new themed challenges.

Here is a list of the leaked Fortnite Ancient Astronaut challenges…


• Found Ancient Ship

• Collect Missing Part

• Install Missing Part

• Begin Launch Sequence

• Stop Ship Launch

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