Fortnite cars release date delay: Here’s when cars are coming to Fortnite

Disappointing news this week as Epic Games were forced to delay the Fortnite cars release date long past when players thought they’d be zooming around the map. While not completely unexpected, gamers were still hopeful that the new modes of transport would be available to try out in July. Epic Games were expected to launch a big Car update for Fortnite earlier this week but when the patch did arrive, it only confirmed they would be coming soon.

Since then, Epic Games have confirmed the delay will last much longer than gamers expected.

From what has been shared by the development team at Epic, cars in Fortnite will be coming back next month.

And that’s only if Epic Games can fix whatever issues are holding back the big Fortnite update.


According to the latest news from Epic Games, the Fortnite Cars release date has been delayed until August 2020.

A recent message from the team reveals it will be weeks until the new update is ready, suggesting the new launch date will be set for around August 4, 2020.

This would line up with other big releases happening on a Tuesday or Thursday, depending on Epic Games’ own schedule.

A new message from the development team explains the current Cars update situation, telling fans:

“Our lawyers are currently sweating the policy details and fixing typos like ‘otter coverage’ instead of auto coverage. Due to this, many vehicles got taken for inspection.

“Expect a few weeks until we’re road ready.”

Epic has been teasing the arrival of cars in Fortnite since the start of season 3 chapter 2.

And now data miners have been doing their own investigations into how strong and versatile the new vehicle type will be.

Based on what has been found, drivers will also be able to do Tire Skids and Brake Skids, as well as use some kind of hand brakes feature, and have a max speed of 28-45.

These new vehicles will have 500 Health, and Gas Pumps and Fuel Stations will need to be visited to refuel your ride.

Jerry Can may also be added to the game to make it possible to randomly refuel across the map.

One of the more obvious features is that cars in Fortnite can explode and could be used as a useful demolition tool against other players.

According to data miners, cars will be able to cause 800 damage to structures, making them extremely effective if you can jump out and detonate your ride.

Cars will also do 200 damage to a player at close-range, but it’s unclear just how effective this will prove when speed is put into the mix.

The launch of Cars may also lead to Fortnite Season 3 being extended past August, due to the extra time needed to make sure everything is working effectively.

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