Fortnite Chapter 4 Adds Bikes, Hurdling, And A Randomised Perk System

Fortnite Chapter 4 is adding a new moment option in the form of hurdling over small obstacles, a randomised perk system called "Reality Augments", and the long-rumoured dirt bikes.

Yesterday, Fortnite concluded its third Chapter with the Fracture event, which ended by revealing some details about Chapter 4, including giving us a first look at the map and a glimpse at some of the collaborations coming to the game in the near future, including Doom Slayer, Hulk, Geralt of Rivia, and MrBeast.

Now, after a few hours of downtime, Epic has done a deep dive into Chapter 4 and revealed all of the new gameplay features that have been added. One addition that's sure to please long-term Fortnite fans is dirt bikes, as their addition to The Island has been one of the most persistent rumours over the past few Seasons. The gameplay trailer shows you can perform tricks and shoot on the bikes, which are called Trail Thrashers, so they should make for a unique way of getting around.

One new feature that wasn't rumoured and comes as quite a surprise is the new randomised perk system. According to the Fortnite website, the perks are called "Reality Augments", and the player is offered a choice between two of them at random points in the match. These perks will last for the whole match and stack depending on how long you survive.

We didn't get to see them in action during the gameplay trailer, but the Fortnite website reveals a few of the 22 available perks. They include making your light ammo weapons reload faster, instantly giving you a bow and arrow, and the ability to jump higher and farther. Perks can also apparently be re-rolled so players can have some influence over their random nature.

Speaking of jumping, one of the more minor gameplay additions of the season is the ability to hurdle over small obstacles. As seen in the trailer, sprinting over an obstacle will make your character instantly hurdle over them, instead of needing to jump. It's not clear how high the requirement for activating hurdling is, but it seems to be anything up to waist height.

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